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Welcome to my profile! 

About me:

carmine | he/him | bisexual | nov 20th | 163-164 cm (5'4-5'5)

fav genres: action, comedy, adventure, fantasy and mystery

personality type: isfp 4w5 sp496 SEI RLUEN EFVL melancholic-choleric






5 - perfection, everything about it from its story to the characters. absolutely no flaws at all and enjoyed it the whole way through without feeling bored. wish i could've watched these for the first time again (i will probably never shut up about it as well) (hunter x hunter, fullmetal alchemist brotherhood, yona of the dawn)
4.5 - absolutely amazing! i love it sm, there might be a small flaw or two but overall i would recommend these animes as well. and would have some of them as one of my all time favs <3 (land of the lustrous, death note, toradora)
4 - i loved it, even though its not perfect or my fav, i still enjoyed these animes alot. (romantic killer, magi: the ladyrinth of magic, noragami)
3.5 - some of it could've been better, and there might've been some meh scenes. but i still like it (golden time, your lie in april, free!)
3 - it was alright, again not my fav and i wouldn't really recommend it. but it was not bad (horimiya, is the order a rabbit?)
2.5 - average. not the best but i dont hate it, it was tolerable to say the least (kakegurui xx, food wars, miss kobayashi's dragon maid)
2 - it had the potential of becoming a decent anime but it was just too meh for me. (mirai nikki, charlotte, my hero academia)
1.5 - bad. just bad. the concept and artstyle, or even one or two characters might've been the reason why i gave it a 1.5 instead of a 1 or a 0.5 but besides that, its not worth it. (love and lies, konosuba, the familiar of zero)
1 - no. this is just bad. i didn't like a single thing about it and the reason why i didn't give it a one is probably cuz of how hilariously bad it is (shikimori's not just a cutie, school days, azur lane)
0.5 - absolute garbage and a waste of my time. nothing about it is good, made me cringe and uncomfortable. would rather do anything else than watch this. (citrus, no game no life, mars of destruction)

fav animes: 

 fav mangas: 


fav male characters:

fav female characters: 

characters i relate to based on personality, trauma, motivation or emotions wise (wip):

fav game characters: 

fav ships:



the favs you are seeing above are my personal faves from all the shows i've liked and even some i didn't really enjoy as much.

please remember that some of them will change overtime as my tastes tend to change alot. but a majority of them will never change <3

anyways, thank for visiting my profile

heres a list of a few more of my favs (wip) <3

best girls // best boys 

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AquamarineGem Aug 26, 2023

Hey aubxre! Glad to hear your classes are going well! 

Best of luck watching Gintama. Hoping you have a fun and pleasant experience with the long show. 

Thanks for the encouragement. It's much appreciated. I reached out to my very first driving instructor recently to ask for more driving lessons. I'm still lacking in lots of areas when it comes to driving. 

My car still needs repairs. But I'm gradually taking more driving lessons so I can improve my skill set as a beginner driver. I will be busier next week. I start my new job and software engineering classes soon. So I'm hoping to get my 2nd college degree. My first degree was in healthcare administration. 

Wishing you the best of luck with your classes! 

AquamarineGem Jul 22, 2023

Hey aubxre! Hope you're doing well and staying healthy! 

Hope your last exams have been less stressful for you. Congratulations on braving through your exams. I wish you the best of luck with your studies. 

Animation and graphic design sounds like a lot of creative fun. Life has been alright so far. I'm currently on vacation until my new job starts on August 14. 

I've been paying for driving lessons since I have lots of room for improvement as a new driver. They are even teaching me to drive on the highway at 70-80 mph. 

Hope life treats you well and hope to stay in touch! Good luck with everything! 

AquamarineGem Jun 28, 2023

Hey aubxre! Hope you're doing well! I totally understand how you feel. Exams can be quite stressful sometimes. I had test anxiety during my last high school exams during my school days. It's definitely good to take care of your health. But I'm sure your hard work ethic will pay off. I had a lot of scholarships and school grants when I was in university for good grades. It helped me afford university tuition. So a hard work ethic really pays off in the long run. 

I'm just extremely grateful that I'm blessed with such a kind and thoughtful younger brother. He drove me to university classes until we both graduated. I really wish you the best of luck with your studies, and I hope your study efforts will be appreciated. 

I wish you the best of luck learning graphic design. There's a lot of cool videos on youtube that will teach you some basic photoediting techniques. I actually took some graphic design classes in university. I was originally planning on minoring in digital media. But I chose to graduate faster with a health services administration degree. 

My favorite character in Ouran High School Host Club is probably Haruhi Fujioka right now. I find her clever like she can tell the Hitachiin twins apart. I like Kaoru more than Hikaru since he seems more mature and level headed in the anime. 

I really recommend: 

All 3 anime have very heart warming romance moments, and hilarious comedic scenes. I wish you the best of luck with your studies, and hope everything goes well for you. 

I'll leave some videos of Afterglow and Ouran High School Host Club for you. 

AquamarineGem Jun 27, 2023

Hey! Hope you're doing well! How is life treating you?

Your profile is wonderful and very cutely designed. Hunter x Hunter and Ouran High School Host Club are my favorite anime as well. I really love Kurapika's wise and intelligent personality. 

I see Ran Mitake (the lead vocalist for Afterglow)  from the Bang Dream series and Ai Mikaze from Uta no Prince-sama featured on your favorites. Do you play the Uta no Prince Sama rhythm game and Bang Dream Rhythm game?

Please enjoy this video featuring the song: Negai Boshi. It's sung by Ai Mikaze's voice actor: Shouta Aoi. 

StarPink May 9, 2023

Your profile is very beautiful and cute, it is certainly a source of inspiration for me that I have no idea what to do in my own profile hahaha.

I hope you are well. Thanks again for following me back!