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poltherium Aug 6, 2020

Hey, just passing by. How are you? 

Fafette7 Jul 26, 2020

Well for now I don't really disagree with anything, but I'll think about it if I find anything ! It's always nice to discuss characters with people who actually have real arguments. 

I'm fine, thank you ! What about you ? 

SecretOtaku Jul 25, 2020

Hello!  Sorry for the very late reply, my schedule has become hectic in the last month, but all is well now. 

Anyway, Free is indeed very visually appealing, and I do somewhat understand what you mean by one dimensional but nevertheless I do greatly enjoy it and have become so invested into the anime. 

I just finished the available episodes of AoT (S1-3) and it was easily one of the best animes I have seen, I cannot wait for S4.  I am somewhat neutral when it comes to Annie, she is very interesting but I had not paid much attention to her character until she was revealed to be a titan.  Upon finishing the third season, Jean is still my favourite of course but I have found myself really liking Armin and Christa/Historia.  What do you think of them?  I also have yet to read the manga, I wasn't aware it was said to be worse than the anime, I do think that I will check it sometime later but in the near future, I also have no plans to read it. 

I watched the anime on a website that did not divide the episodes per seasons so I may get a little mixed up.  The truth about titans were very unexpected, though I did theorize that the titans could have been humans, I did not expect another, and more modern, civilisation to exist.  It did make sense though.  Attack on Titan surpassed my expectations in terms of mystery and, frankly, in general.  I already knew that Marco was killed by Annie, Reiner and Bertholt but when I saw the actual scene, I couldn't help crying.  Perhaps it was because I knew that the three had regarded Marco as a friend, it was clear that they thought there was no other way or perhaps due to how desperate Marco was, crying, begging and such. 

Reiner's reveal to be the armoured titan was very sudden and very casual, but seeing his reaction after Marco died and how Bertolt had to remind him that he wasn't a soldier, but a warrior, it was clear that he was dealing with some sort of issues differentiating from who he was to who he was pretending to be.  I am curious and all in all excited as to what will happen to his character.  Another thing i loved in AoT was how the, for lack of word, atmosphere/mood was. Though there was some comedic and joyful moments, it was overall realistic as we see many characters lose hope, accept death and such.  Seeing how different people reacted to situations was great to watch.  Eren, for example, started off with a fiery hate for titans, that fueling determination and how hard he worked, yet he at the end of S3, he was gradually losing his reason for fighting.  I'm sure he will gain that again, but it certainly had a mental toll on the others to see someone who was a head strong and always fighting, to act so hopeless.

Also, can you clarify something: unless I have jumped to many far fetched conclusions, Zeke would be Eren's half brother I believe?

As for Bakugou, he is still a character I like, just not as much, though I do understand as to why people would hate him.  BNHA was what that really got me invested into anime as a whole, i did watch some before that, but afterwards, my watches greatly increased.  Currently, I would say that my favourite character in anime would be Chuuya Nakahara from Bungo Stray Dogs.  how about you?

By the way, I am geniunly curious as to what some of the things on your profile mean, as it seems very interesting.  The first one is something to do with personality types I believe?  I would be grateful to understand what they are in further detail but if you don't want to, you don't have to explain of course!

VongolaJuudaime Jul 22, 2020

I actually tried looking at what my enneatype is and I'm either a 623 or a 624. I took it twice with 2 different sites. The number you have on your profile made sense recently so it was a personality type. Thank you as I found the enneagram amusing. 

ChristinaGiann Jul 22, 2020

Oh, an attack on titan fan ! I am fine, how are you ?