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Capable Female Leads

Maybe I'm just a little too much of a feminist, but constantly seeing nice/weak/stupid/harmless/boobs only/air headed/2D/personality-less female characters grinds on me after a while (though I like them depending on a variety of...

'Different', but Well Done and Interesting Anime :D

(In Alphabetical Order!) This list is what I've seen of good, but not often seen titles with interesting plot(twists), or take on the genre that make them 'different'/excel in a good way. This list includes, action, drama...

Donghua (Chinese animation), What I've sampled, What I think

Donghua is just the term for Chinese animations, just like how anime is for Japanese animations. As of late, I've noticed more donghua given English subtitles. Usually comments for these are something like "I can't stand to...

Good Comedy Anime (that actually made me laugh)

You know that one kind of gag, seen in practically any anime, that one line of joke that's been a tradition and a fundamental part of many anime for years and will continue to be?Ecchi/Fanservice type gags, 'oooh MC tripped and...

Studio Ghibli Favs

Ahhh, good ol' Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki. Out of the movies I've seen by them, these were my favs, and my all time favorite is Princess Mononoke :3