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I've been watching anime since 7th grade, and it all started when I saw Naruto Shippuden on TV but wanted the full series in order. Ahhh those days, before I got tired of all the Naruto fillers and flashbacks they put in... Thus my life of obbsession with anime began :D

My favorite genres include

Although I like almost anything depending on the quality of the individual anime, my least favorite genres includes...

If you look at what I've watched, you may also notice I drop a lot of anime. I just looked, and I was like wow, I haven't finished about a 1/4 of the anime I started. If they get boring, I won't force myself to watch it, and will put it on hold for a while which causes me to eventually end up dropping a lot of anime. If I one day pick them up again, so be it, but I'm not gonna force myself to watch something. 

Star Rating System(My Personal Enjoyment + Plot, Char., and Animation):

5-Masterpiece/all time favorite, left an impact. I am always aware that a 5 rating implies perfection (which I don't think really exists), so if I give it a five, I find little flaws and, of course, personal tastes and bias can be included.

4.5-Amazing! Difference in 5 to 4.5 could be the way the anime ended or some plot points, a couple glaring issues. Lovely animation.

4-Entertaining, pretty good for its genre and has some unique points.

3.5-Average, but somewhat entertaining. Characters are often not that well developed or unique.

3-Normal. I get bored at some points, a filler anime I watch while doing something. Some of the characters might annoy me. Basic level of entertainment I can watch if I'm in the right mood.

2.5-1-Usually garbage. Really really bad plot, animation, and 2D characters lead to this rating. This might have been a genre I like (Yaoi for example), but really I can't say anything good about even the plot or animation quality. Other series might have been difficult to watch, but I just barely kept going. 

No rating- This is for any anime I didn't finish more than half of or feel like I haven't seen enough to rate it.

Pics a few of my well loved shows Natsume Yuujinchou, The House of Five Leaves, Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, Mononoke Hime, One Piece, Ouran Highschool Host Club, Mushishi, xxxHolic, Barakamon, and Welcome to the NHK


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UsagiDandere Nov 24, 2021

Hey hey been a fan of your timid boi list for a while because it really sets a show apart from the rest to see a boy in a role that's typically reserved for girls. It's weirdly refreshing? And I love having 'aww my baby' moments. Wish it was more common than it is.

That said, I see you've seen Big Windup but didn't include it. It's your list so literally doesn't matter at all what I think, please don't think I'm trying to get you to change it. Doesn't affect me whatsoever lol. I'm just genuinely curious what caused it! Cause for me, aside from Nai, I feel like Mihashi is the perfect representation of the shy protectable male protag. On the topic of Nai, omg this clip just goes to show how he's the absolute GOAT for this type of character, I can't with his dumb lovable ass 😅

Also, I see you're watching Demon Slayer. What do you think of Zenitzu??? I was so conflicted because yes he's a scared lil baby and I want to protect him but the pervy thing... just ugh. I still love him a lot but he's a bit much sometimes imo.

Shindasha May 8, 2021

hi u wont see this but im13 and in ukthats it

sothis Jul 16, 2020

Hiya! Just dropping a quick note about a change to our featured custom list process. Ages ago we gave a handful of users the ability to self-feature lists, but now we have a more streamlined group of mods helping feature the lists, so for any new ones just drop a note in the thread and the lists can get quickly featured :) 

On that note, i changed your comedy list to featured - the white haired chars one could as well, we just ask that they're either set to the default alphabetical sort if not ranked, or if ranked in a certain order, put a note in the description explaining what it is. After doing that please post in the thread and it can be featured too!

Thanks for all your great lists over the years! 

Ashsforever Mar 22, 2018

I found you from a list you made, and I must say i'm quite amazed :). The list included anime I had never seen, and though I thought it'd be impossible (with a want to watch of 800..) it truly wasn't. Seeing someone else on this site who can watch more than just the bare bone popular anime makes me really glad. So thank you!

PurplePeopleEater Nov 28, 2016

Hello again. 

I'm afraid I can't help much when it comes to sports anime since I've only watched a few. I know I mentioned there were some older titles that might fit your list, but a newer one that involves sports (if you count cheerleading) is Cheer Boys. I don't know if that one fits exactly, but the MC is rather timid at first and only gets involved with Cheerleading because he got injured, quit martial arts, and his friend pretty much dragged him into it. He's pretty quiet and reluctant at first but eventually breaks out. Like I said, it may not exactly fit. 

The only other sports anime (which again is not an exact fit probably) is Kuroko's basketball. I don't know if I would call him timid exactly. He is more or less a the extent most people forget he is even there. He uses that to his advantage in basketball though. He is dependent on others in a way since he depends heavily on his teammates and his partner and with their help he eventually further develops his technique and becomes stronger. He sort of becomes more independent as a player because of this. He is also honest and comes off rather innocent. 

I think your original qualifications you mentioned in the list description are pretty good. Eight to Eighteen year old naive/timid characters that are dependent on others for at least a good portion of the story and are cute would certainly describe most of the characters on your list. I don't know if kind  and honest would describe them though especially since timidness can prevent kindness and honesty and kindness it's hard to ascertain whether a character is truly kind and what kindness even is. If you are wondering if characters who develop and become stronger and more independent  should be included, I think they should as long as they match the qualifications for a good portion of the anime like half or something. Even characters with multipersonalities could be included if one of the personalities fits the qualifications.

I hope that answered your question. I'm not entirely sure it did, but maybe a little bit. I hope you are well and have a nice day or night. :)