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Hi!! I’m Hannah! I really enjoy anime and manga. I’m 20 (but feel about 12...) and from the UK.  Thank you for visiting my profile!

My former username was dewylester for anyone who might be confused. :D

Really sorry about any weird inconsistencies in my reviews. I can only write and publish them on my iPhone now because our laptop has gone to crap, and my phone doesn’t always let me edit them properly. :(

Writing is one of my hobbies and something that I’d love to do for a living one day. I have written two books and am working on a third, but I mostly write fanfiction nowadays. I love video games too, particularly The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing franchises.

Armin Arlert is my favourite character. I think he’s really adorable and kind. A total cinnamon roll. <3

Attack on Titan is my favourite series. The characters mean a lot to me, and I enjoy it very much.

I haven’t done so for a while, but I used to write lots of manga and anime reviews. I’ve stopped recently because I feel really bad upsetting other users if I give a show a bad rating. I love breaking things down into little segments and figuring out what I liked and what I didn’t like. All the reviews I’ve written are 100% honest, but as is expected, there is an element of subjectivity based on how much I enjoyed the show on a personal level. So if I give a show you like a bad rating, please don’t get hurtful or aggressive towards me like some people have done in the past. We all have our own tastes and that’s what makes the anime community a good place to be. :)

Both criticism and praise is welcome in my comment box, as long as you are nice! I’m always open for a friendly chat about anime, manga, music, games, fanfiction, anything really.

Jearmin is my OTP. I love those dudes. What I love even more is them loving and taking care of eachother.

My favourite shows:

♡ Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji - I’ve never known a show to be so dark and comedic all at once

♡ Mob Psycho 100 - Shigeo deserves all the love in the world fite me 

♡ Clannad and Clannad Afterstory

♡ Elfen Lied - my first anime

♡ Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

♡ Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

♡ Steins;Gate

♡ Yuri!!! on Ice

My favourite manga:

♡ Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin - I just adore the characters and plot

♡ My Wife is Wagatsuma-san - hilarious, and extremely underrated

♡ Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji

♡ The Promised Neverland

♡ One Piece - I’m hooked, and it’s hilarious

♡ Oyasumi PunPun - just so dark and inspiring

♡ The Flowers of Evil

♡ Neon Genesis Evangelion

♡ Inuyashiki

My favourite characters:

♡ Armin Arlert - my baby omg. Oh god I adore him. Cute little cinnamon roll who needs to be loved and hugged.

♡ Jean Kirschtein

♡ Pieck (AOT)

♡ Sakigami Toto

♡ Lucy/Nyuu/Kaede

♡ Sebastian Michaelis

♡ Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)

♡ Ymir (AOT)

♡ Alois Trancy

♡ Victor Nikiforov

♡ Makise Kurisu

♡ Nagisa Furukawa

♡ Eren Yeager

♡ Alphonse Elric

♡ Ciel Phantomhive

My OTPs:

♡ Jean X Armin

♡ Kurisu X Okabe

♡ Victor X Yuuri

♡ Annie X Armin

♡ Ymir X Historia

♡ Taiga X Ryuuji

Favourite Openings/Endings:

♡ Hacking to the Gate - Steins;Gate

♡ 99 - Mob Psycho 100

♡ Colours - Code Geass

♡ Again - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

♡ The Day - My Hero Academia

♡ History Maker - Yuri!!! on Ice

♡ One Reason - Deadman Wonderland

♡ Guren no Yumiya - Attack on Titan

♡ Jingo Jungle - Youjo Senki

♡ Red Swan - Attack on Titan S3

♡ Unravel - Tokyo Ghoul

♡ Splash Free - Free!

♡ The Wolf Whistling Song - Spice and Wolf

♡ Hikaru Nara - Your Lie in April

♡ Question - Assassination Classroom (S2)

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BaagaJB15 Nov 13, 2019

One punch season 1 is my favorite cuz it’s got me into watching more anime’s .

BaagaJB15 Nov 12, 2019

Nice profile 💯 let’s talk anime here or Twitter

lolitaorcalover1456 Nov 2, 2019

hi want to be friends

SubstituteShinigami Oct 7, 2019

It's happening!!!! Did you read th latest chapter for AoT manga?? The rumbling :O

BaagaJB15 Sep 25, 2019

Nice 👍 profile