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Mob Psycho 100

Jul 15, 2021


Mob is a schoolboy who is an esper (basically has spiritual powers). He and his master/mentor Reigen fight evil spirits. As they continue putting "Ghostbusters" out of a proffesion, somethings in Mobs life change, which makes him fight an evil esper organisation.

(My thoughts)

Story (no spoilers): You see Mob as a schoolboy and you see him working with Reigen. Mob is pretty emotionless, but when his emotions reach 100% he becomes an all-powerful being. Some events make Mob have to act to defeat an enemy who hurt his loved ones, then you see him have to act as a badass superhero and fight many enemies with esper abilities. One big shonen action-adventure if you like Onepunch Man you'll definitely like this. Although you won't see a groundbreaking story, but a good story nonetheless.

Animation: I remember this anime got the best animated battle in the year award. And if that means nothing, then check out the op, it in itself is amazing and shows you what's to come.

Sound: Without the op, I don't remember any perticular great sound design so I couldn't say nothing.

Characters: In my opinion the best part of the anime.I believe that Mob is the best MC in all of anime. Period. I know this sounds like a load of bull, but I haven't seen a character which I could relate to as much as Mob:

1. He is unskillful at many things as is why he tries hard to do his best.

2. He becomes a part of the track team for he wants to impress a girl he has a crush on.

3. He is a kid with powers, but does not like violence and is very kind-hearted.

4. His admiration for his mentor is very human-like. (You see Reigen basically being Mobs first friend)

I only named four points, but to me he feels the most human a character can be. Reigen is also amazing, at first it feels as if he is using Mob for his gains, but after following their story for a while you understand how important is Mob to Reigen and Reigen to Mob. Reigens mentor persona and wish to help Mob have a good life is really endearing and in the story, there is a really cool scene in which you see Reigen get hurt by an enemy and Mob flips. There are many great character, which you need to see for yourself.

10/10 I would want many to check this anime out. It was a great experience,

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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