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If i could sum up this anime in one word it would be unique in a way that it is quite the polar opposite of shounen anime.It is like naruto but say instead of naruto the protagonist is OP,like Itachi.It is a magic school with a caste based system,but i feel that caste system issue gets sidelined after first few episodes,with little intervention or effort.The rest is as usual,you have the student council,tournaments etc.

Animation & Sound

Animation is Top notch,the characters are well done.Sound is ok,nothing that stands out.



Protagonist is so OP,he does OP stuff which makes his peers look like kids and the opponents are no match.There arent any flaws to this guy,except that his skill level is so OP that it is incompatible with his entrance exam,so he is placed with "lower class" students in his high school.As expected as the series progresses the author has tried to shed light to his background,revealing that he is indeed OP.This anime revolves around the protagonist who protects & helps his fellow students ,who quickly become his fans because he is that strong.

Miyuki(sister) - The relationship between the two is not smooth and looks forced.Miyuki is possesive of Tatsuya,but Tatsuya is the protective older brother a true gentleman.

There is no room for character development as Tatsuya is already past all of his struggles,and rest of the characters simply fawn over the OP Tatsuya.

Wouldnt recommend this anime,unless you like magic-school theme,there isnt much fighting or romance or comedy.If you are tired of seeing the cliche shounen anime,i think this could be refreshing but do not expect anything more.

6/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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arkfa Jul 3, 2014

No i haven't.

bread31 Jul 2, 2014

Have you read the light novel?