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damnmisandrist Apr 17, 2021

Hey :)

Nothing has been confirmed yet to do with Momoe being transgender, so it is unlikely that she is. The storyline is probably just her having this perception of herself not being feminine enough and struggling with her looks. To claim that she is trans as of right now would mean it was more of a head canon than anything, because the show hasn’t outright stated that she is. However, I also think she could be trans, and it is heavily coded in my opinion, with how she felt she had to make it clear she did have a place on the women’s only train, how she’s struggling with being seen as the gender she associates with, and how, similar to the confirmed trans character of episode 10, she reveals her bra underneath which is of similar colours to the trans flag which Kaoru was wearing on his jacket.

So, no, she isn’t confirmed trans, however, there is a lot of coding there so it’s a very reasonable thought. Hope this helped :)