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Objectively speaking the story is mostly uneventful, slow and not that great, but for me it was still enjoyable female centric isekai series. It isn’t super exciting, but doesn’t do anything wrong. The story follows young OL (office lady) in her twenties Sei, who is transported or rather summoned into another world to help deal with miasma as legendary “Holy maiden”. Miasma is magical substance which makes things in nature going berserk and has been increasing beyond the point knights and other people protecting kingdom of Salutania can handle. “Holy maiden” summoned from another world in times of crisis is supposed to have unique powers of healing/negating miasma. The summoning has interesting twist in the fact that it summons not just Sei, but also one another younger girl. This unexpected development immediately creates a problem. Are there two “Holy maidens” or just one and in that case which one? It has even some political implications.

This makes seem like some instant drama and conflict, but the series carries mostly laidback atmosphere and there is mostly no sense of urgency especially in the beginning. Despite Sei being surrounded mostly by men, who find her interesting and are protective of her it isn’t harem or it doesn’t feel like one. There is only one guy, who tries to court/date Sei throughout the series. Sei herself isn’t keen on standing out, especially as her powers. In later episodes there are some action scenes, but again nothing particularly designed to be spectacular like in an action series. There are some funny light hearted interactions, which make the story more enjoyable and less dry.

Visuals and animation are ok. Soundtrack is good and does reflect the atmosphere series has. OP and ED as usually already forgotten.

I did enjoy the series. It was decent one-time watch nothing more. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have nothing better to watch.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
5/10 overall

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