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You would think reincarnating as a sword is weird, but it works. Reincarnation element is somewhat unimportant, because the story would work with just talking/intelligent sword. The story is very adventurous and action packed, after several volumes a pattern starts to emerge. Introductory arc aside it’s mostly sequence of dungeon raids with two main protagonists at the centre. Speaking of protagonists, I like interactions between OP autonomous magical sword and young ex-slave cat-girl Fran, who with the help of sword becomes an adventure following in footsteps of her parents to achieve goal of evolving her racial traits – like in the slime series, monsters can evolve into higher tier type of monster. It’s a simple story and while Fran with the sword seems OP, there are battles and pinch situations that feel threatening and quite immersive. It isn’t exactly steamrolling over every obstacle. I also liked the fact Fran isn’t the strongest adventurer. There is obligatory half-elf beautiful onee-san Amanda, high ranked hero, who is stronger than MC. I did enjoy the master-disciple dynamic between Fran and the sword. Its hearth warming and funny at times. The series does have some fan-service, but it isn’t so common.

Visuals and art are pretty nice. I would say overall quality is pretty good.

Japanese difficulty 5/10 (see my profile for details about various difficulty scores)

The series has furigana only occasionally. It has a lot of RPG, gaming terminology like one would expect in such series.

I had good time reading the series so far and I’m intrigued how the story is going to continue. What kind of people will meet Fran and sword, what kind of adventures will have they and what kind of growth will they make? It’s basically more action/adventure packed version of slime isekai, except the sword/reincarnated character doesn’t transform into human form.

This review has been written after reading 8 volumes (all existing at the time).

6/10 story
8/10 art
5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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