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Good night in the Daemon Lord’s castle is surprisingly good comedy series. Simple premise and stereotype of fantasy/fairy-tale is turned upside down, with princess obsessive about sleeping so much it causes no end of issues for her captors. One could ask what could be so dangerous about princess sleeping inside her cell in Daemon Lord’s castle? It’s quite simple she doesn’t hesitate to act even in face of her own peril, destroying invaluable equipment or even brutally murdering some daemons [1] in order to get better pillow, bed and overall improved sleeping experience. Everything happens with occasional side story of brave hero desperately trying to save princess from her horrible sufferings in her imprisonment. Even if the princess herself acts more like on vacation, than proper hostage. This frustrates Daemon Lord to no avail. Surprisingly enough the comedy doesn’t get stale after few episodes. The series manages to keep things relatively fresh. It can top the previous comical moments or introduce new characters or shift relations between existing characters in order to keep things fresh. The comedy is enhanced by funny expressions of princess and great soundtrack. I really like the opening theme song. It’s awesome. It’s memorable, uplifting and fun. Ending theme is nice too. I like how during the series inhabitants of Daemon Lord’s castle including Daemon Lord himself pretty much practically give up on the idea on some common-sense hostage abductor interaction.

I do recommend the series, but it isn’t suitable for binge watching due to the nature of the series. For me it was the best anime of the fall 2020 season.


[1] If you watch Angry Video Game Nerd you can recognize reference to an old game, where you have to escape as girl from small ugly man with large scissors.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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