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Tower of God

Aug 13, 2020

After watching the Tower of God, I still don't understand what it's about and what the heck is the Tower supposed to be. While most of the characters have potential and are somewhat interesting. Something which cannot be said about the blank protagonist, who is the chosen one. Why and what for that hasn't been properly established yet. I can only speculate. Among his hidden super powers is luck. Good luck to make any meaningful non-comical story with that.
The point is no matter how your characters seem intriguing if you don’t establish story and world for them, they are going to just hang in the air. Where the Tower of God is lacking most is the world building. It does not establish proper context for the story veiling itself in false sense of mystery. We have some scheming factions, organizational structures, races, series of haphazardly selected environments and tests … and Yes, the Tower itself. How does the Tower fits into this world? What role plays Jahad king in context to this world? Are there other “kings”? How about Jahad princesses? Even the whole deal with irregulars has not been explained properly. Yes, you may read the source and wiki, but then what is the point to making anime. It’s a defect, if anime fails to deliver without depending on external info even once. More so if it’s multiple times.
The show tries to imitate Hunter x Hunter, but falls very short in every regard. Hunter x Hunter had a storyline, proper world building, meaningful goals established. In the Tower of God initial goal of main protagonist … how to put it without spoilers … does some story-line stunt, but in this stunt it’s completely crippled forever. So, now what to do? Whoever made this did mess up the story line in attempt to be original. It’s like people who can’t cook start by making something original and mixing things together. Usually things, which don’t go really well together to begin with. Adding insult to the injury or salt to an open wound the last episode pushes the story over a cliff. Making effectively any further storylines pointless as far as the main protagonist is concerned.
What is goal of Khun the boy, who got kicked out of clan or wherever, who knows. I don’t know. Antagonists if one can speak of them in such term are not that all impressive either. In fact, there is just one truly bad guy and one interesting monster. Others are either kind of confused tragic characters, trolls or tacitly support the main protagonist. In the end victory is assured by plot convenience.
The crocodile-man character is primarily for the comic relief. He is basically playing role of Leorio. The thing he has with eating chocolate is overused to the death.

In a story, where a side character, who sleeps through most of the episodes and has more charisma than main protagonist, greatness is something you won’t find. It makes more sense to rewatch Hunter x Hunter. Overall impression is subpar. The only thing you are going to care about is which Jahad princess is the best.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall

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Fanlou8 Jul 6, 2022

About the jahad princesses system, it's all explained wayyyy way way later in the webcomic (which means not any soon for the anime) but i strongly suggest reading the webcomic first, stuff is better explained and the anime skips so much things- 12 anime episodes for 70~ webcomic episodes. They can't have said it all, right ? And about the irregulars and stuff, we do get a clue in the webcomic, about how the Tower would fit into the real world... we also get to know the protag's origins, and kinda explaining why he's an irregular I guess ??? Just go read the webcomic

Luzerious Nov 6, 2020

Read the webtoon first then watch the anime the webtoon is honestly better in my opinion

uDrake Oct 18, 2020

the main rason for this is most stuff about bam and his past is revealed in season 2 of the webtoon and yeah i know its kinda weird because after watching the anime i had to re start by the webtoon as the anime is good but it skipped out alot of important things like bam and endorsis relationship and other shit if you want a better understanding to this read the webtoon and continue on with season 2 you will understand why rachel is a bitch and why bam is the chosen one and due to the fact the anime skipped a number of important things idk how the fuck they are planning to make a second season because for people who dont read the webtoon season 2 is gon be hella confusing so I suggest u read the webtoon season 1 as it could provide you more answers to your questions but not for the ones that are answered in season 2 so i heavily recommend restart with season 1 but the webtoon and for your other questions read season 2 aswell i aint gon spoil you P.D: Bams story is very interesting so i do recommend you read season 2 also theres a major time skip so if at first you dont get it youll understand by season 2 chapter 50 or so.