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This manga series combines erotic sex comedy and romantic comedy. If anything, the best parts of the series do so really well this odd mix. Situations this series puts characters into makes usual lucky sukebe moments seem pale and tame in comparison. For those not familiar with the term think of stereotypical example situation of guy falling on girl and groping accidentally her breast. This very situation is almost standalone anime and manga trope. It seems like nothing to what does occur in this manga. Think of guy falling and accidentally sliding his male part under woman’s underwear level of coincidence. This is series is as close as possible to characters having intercourse. However, it mostly involves lot of accidental masturbation. I don’t have to stress at this point the series is quite explicit. It has lot of nudity including bare breasts and barely covered private parts by well-placed fluids or solid objects. Art is very good, necessity for erotic series. Most of characters are quite distinct, environment and character expressions look good. Interesting visual aspect is author’s creative way to put in pubic hair by strategically placing split hair, string or other same looking object in the way.

Story itself contains many common situations such as accidentally entering bath of opposite sex, when the love interest is bathing and many more. Even the characters weren’t spared of some common tropes. One of few would be for an example scary looking guy, who is actually very kind and chill. Unlike many long romcom series this one doesn’t stretch the establishing of relationship much. So how it’s possible for it to have over hundred chapters without crippling character progression. It’s quite simple once the characters end in relationship the manga moves on a different couple. Throughout the series couples or rather characters for each story arc are related in some manner. They are friends, younger colleges or classmates, etc. The connection doesn’t have to be made in the beginning some are shown later. Occasionally the extras return to show what characters from previous arcs are doing.

As the name suggests each relationship is formed between student and teacher. In this series this means high school boy and female teacher. There is no same sex relationship except girl-on-girl extra chapter at the end of volume ten. The characters and story vary in each arc. Rule of thumb until volume eight was one couple per volume. My impression is the first four volumes were great. Volume five strays little from the trope [1]. It wasn’t as great, but still good. The next volume number six was great again. The seven again tried to experiment and was different from others [2]. It had focus on being the best version of self for sake of the other. Volumes eight to ten were probably low point of the series. It wasn’t just because it had as the male lead shouta - young boy, who appeals by being or at least looking cute rather than being masculine. That arc was split into three volumes and there were inconsistent points in them and tropes were more in your face. It’s also part which introduces into the setting more fantastical elements in form of mad scientist’s inventions. The last volume released at the time I’m making initially this review did show me the greatness yet again. I really like the twist of the story in the latest volume [3].

Overall, mostly solid sex comedy/romcom erotic series. It does have anime adaptation as well. It has some good arcs and some not so great. If this kind genre appeals to you, I recommend to check it out. My score overall score would be 7/10 for better and 4/10 for not so good arcs.

This review is written after reading 11 volumes (all existing at the time) equivalent to 110 chapters.

Japanese difficulty 5/10 (see my profile for details about various difficulty scores)

It’s seinen without furigana except when introducing character name. The text volume is average. Density is normal. Vocabulary is average range. In volume 11 characters are speaking in foreign language, which is indicated merely by switching text to horizontal orientation.


[1] Teacher is younger genius girl and childhood friend of the boy. It also adds sort of triangle by having the boy being not only interested in other girl, but actually interacting with her including the accidents.

[2] Teacher was idol and the boy was aspiring professional sprinter.

[3] Sensei (teacher) is also sensei (mangaka) and the male protagonist is her only fanboy and aspires to be mangaka as well.

7/10 story
8/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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