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Dec 24, 2022

Generic harem of powerful beast girls (spirit kin) in settings of getting kicked out from hero party in fantasy world with RPG elements. It’s the type where protagonist is perceived as useless by other party members, but in practice he does a lot for them and is very skilled at whatever his job is. It was at this moment the other party members realize they f… up. It follows one of the variants typical for the settings. In this case hero party members are douchebags including the hero himself, but the main protagonist is overly nice and doesn’t even want revenge. Thanks to leaving party he becomes even more powerful. It’s the safe harem kind, but it does include mandatory fanservice bath scene. There is no way for main character to have an actual man-woman relationship with the girls. Even if they like him.

On the positive side it generally has a quite relaxing atmosphere. It can be cute and it has some comical and slice-of-life adventure moments. Saying that, it does have assortment of one-dimensional bad guys. It includes some violence such characters tend to do. It was overall surprisingly more pleasurable to watch, than usual for such type of the show. I would consider it to be bit more enjoyable, than similar RPG fantasy adventure series in the previous season. Visually the series looks nice. It has pretty decent animation. Soundtrack and VA is good.

I’ve read bit of manga before so it wasn’t my priority series. Surprisingly it’s like ninety percent word for word same as the manga. I binged it for sake of review initially, but it wasn’t that boring as I expected. I did turn off subtitles to make things more interesting for me. If you are looking for straightforward and easy to digest show, yes, this is pretty much it. If you are veteran anime fan looking for new thrills this is hard pass. If you want to watch only few best series in the season pass this one as well.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
8/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall

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