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The Faraway Paladin

Jan 3, 2022

This series has epic fantasy feel to it. It has rich lore, gods, bards, priests, knights, adventurers, heroes, magic, etc. It’s very pure fantasy. No harem and minimal comical moments. However, why is this even an isekai? Seriously, the story doesn’t need it. The second issue, which is more tangible problem is pacing. The story goes so sloooooooooow. It takes almost half of the episodes for initial introductory origin arc for young Will. It isn’t just very slow it is very noticeably slow. Instead of desperately pushing frames with your eyes watch on 1.5x speed maybe? The characters are mostly likable especially the undead mentors, who are raising Will, the main character, far far away from civilization. He makes a strong bond with them. It’s like family drama in fantasy settings, but spiced with mystery behind the characters, who are raising MC. This upbringing makes MC very strong – reasonably OP, but quite clueless about the world. The story is told from viewpoint of the MC including all internal monologues. This contributes to slow nature of the story. Something happens then Will half minute reflects on it.
As I said it takes almost the first half, before our hero finally ventures to the outside world. On his travel he meets several new and unique side characters. Most notably his bromance elf Meneldor. The second half is bit weaker imho. The fights range from ok to meh. Training arcs were better. Honestly for me the action element wasn’t so intriguing in the second part.

Visuals and animation are ok at best. The choices are on average appropriate. Soundtrack is ok, I didn’t care for OP or ED.

Overall, I did enjoy the series. Especially few first episodes were very intriguing. It felt slow throughout the series and like it ended before it even started. It has some nice aspects. I appreciate the fantasy, but it is kind of too safe fantasy concept at the core. If you don’t mind slow pace, it is enjoyable and good for at least onetime watch.

7/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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