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Hello! I'm seventeen years old, and I've been watching anime virtually my entire life. Seriously, my brothers who are quite older than me were into it and so therefore have been watching since before I can remember.

I actually joined this site because I saw someone signature challenging people if they could beat their number of anime watched. Atleast to me it was a challenge, haha.

Besides anime, I'm also really into lolita fashion, drawing, cooking, sewing costumes, and acting. I also like to cosplay ^-^

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Mattlore Oct 28, 2010

Heh it is pretty awesome, though my friend is a little pissed off since the new season of Hayate is apperently on hold because of the new season of Zero,

But yes...I love my Tsundere's as well, it's my moe` ahaha.

Mattlore Oct 20, 2010

Heh this is true...Though to be fair Zero no Tsukaima is pretty damn good as well (Same voice actress that plays Taiga as Louise heh) OH! And have you heard, there's a new season of Zero coming out.

Mattlore Oct 20, 2010

Oh and awesome avatar! Tora Dora is one of my favorite romance anime that involves Tsundere girls :D

DgMikeP Oct 15, 2010

Welcome to Anime-Planet :) Put at your avatar one of your cosplay :P

Mattlore Oct 15, 2010

Good evening and welcome to the Planet!

Hope you enjoy your stay :)