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Mar 24, 2019

I love this kind of anime, i had it in my 'want yo watch' list for a while before i took the plunge. i was SO exited, i heared so much good aboudt it and i was really looking forward to it. The first episode was a bit weird but thats how it is with most of these MMO's. Ep 2 was not any better and so it continued. After a few episodes stuff whent down and YAY but no... It did not get anny better it got kind've worse.. sorry. 

One of the things i really didn't like was how they used and presented things like magick, as cards, rings and other things that broke after a single use.  

The animation is nothing special (really not to my tastes, but no matter), neither is the sound.The characters are kind of generic, ones you see everywhere. The story's meh and mmo's are'nt usualy the best. The worst is the plot. it's been done and done and done... i've seen it a 100 times...

Slow, boring beggining, boring middle, the action at the end was medicore. 

This had so much potetial and they could have done so much better in my opinion.

2/10 story
4/10 animation
2/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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