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hello minna
watashi wa animelover1477 desu

I love anime ... im addicted to it. i also love drawing anime characters :)


LOVE: What i LOVE about anime is that the manga writers and anime makers work hard to produce anime that we can watch. When we watch anime it is so cool we get to see everything from love to deaths and beautiful stories that people work hard to make. Not only that but that these stories[anime] that we watch that we visually see is in fact what the autors and creators see in their mind. The thought that people see all the things that go on in the anime shows inside their brains amazes me. From fights to relastionship. every detail are inside the brains of the magaka's .


HATE: What i hate about anime is one big thing .. is when it ENDS. when the story just stops and your left wondering what happens. And manga doesn't tell you either. 

that is what i hate and love

Top 25 Anime [in order] 

One Piece
Naruto shippeden + Naruto 
Katekyo Hitman Reborn
Hunter x Hunter [ALL]
Fairy Tail
Fushigi Yuuigi
Kemono no Saja Erin
Saiunkoku Monogatari 1&2
Bakuman 1-3
Kuroko no Basket
Area no Kishi
Kyo Kara Moah
Ao no Excersist
Skip Beat
Peach Girl
The Prince of Tennis [ALL]
Kimi ni Todoke 1&2
Kenichi [History’s Strongest Disciple]
Mouretsu Pirates
Kaicho wa Maid-Sama
Itauraza na Kiss
Lovely Complex

Top 25 Manga  [no order] 


Ahiru no Sora
I'll(Generation Basket)
Giant Steps
Baby Steps
Diamond no Ace
Highschool Debut
Backstage Prince
The King’s Pawnshop
Koi, Hirari
Dengeki Daisy
Until Death Do Us Part
Faster Than a Kiss
Shinobi Life
Wild Ones
The One
Love So Life
Swich Girl
Kamisama Hajimemashita
Hana to Akuma
Gakuen Babysitters
Cat Street
Bowling King

My favourite saying/phares in anime are :
made made dane - the prince of tennis

jibun de mite kite kangearu - the daughter of twenty faces

Favourite characters from KHR

Funniest characters:
1. fran from varia 2. lambo tsuna famile 3.reborn

Hotest character(s): hands down hibari kyoya <3

loudest characters: squalo , ryohei sasagawa

Favouite Characters from Naruto

Guy: Naruto , Gaara, pervy sage , Naruto's Father xD

Girl: Hinata, lady tsunade

Favourite Jinchuuriki: Naruto and Gaara

Fav Bijuu: Kurama, Son goku, guuki 




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1,138 total

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eza160 Sep 6, 2011


HikaruTenshi Sep 5, 2011

Haha, you are better than I am at drawing. The only thing I can somewhat draw are pokemon and that's only if I am looking at the picture while drawing. Oh and I can draw a flower.

Eh, I am sorry to hear that.

You have Princess Mononoke on your want to watch list. You could watch that.

Can I ask a question? Do you have a reason why you put things in your dropped list? I was just wondering. For example, I mark them as dropped mostly because

1. I own the DVD and will continue watching it that way.

2. I cannot find it subbed anymore.

3. I will get back to them, and I didn't want my stalled list to grow. (shh, that is a secret.)

I was just wondering. It's not a problem or anything, but since I was thinking of recommendations I saw them and I wanted to know if they were shows you are gonna pick up again later or you have dropped them forever.

Anywho, some recommendations:

Akira, FLCL, Gunslinger Girl, Magic Kaitou, Paranoia Agent, Spelunker Sensei, Strange Story of a Dream Sphere Dealer, Tekkon Kinkreet, Wolf's Rain, Witch Hunter Robin, Yurumates, and Boku, Otaryman.

I dunno if that will help you any.

Ah, it's nice to have today and tomorrow off. x.x Work on Saturday was exhausting. I have slept sooo much. On to You're Under Arrest and dessert! ^_^


HikaruTenshi Aug 30, 2011

o.o Sugoi! I can't draw for crap, lucky you. ^_^ You draw very well.

Haha. Awesome. Sleepy sleepy, I am ready for bed. >.<

Have you been up to anything else?


HikaruTenshi Aug 27, 2011

Haha. Sou sou. I understand. I have lots of favorite people. I Like a bunch of different characters in Reborn. ^_^

How are you doing?

You have a very cute avatar again. ^_^

How have you been?


HikaruTenshi Aug 16, 2011

Ah, that might be why it doesn't move. Because it's taking it from the file on your computer maybe. Does it look exactly like your avatar in your file? Is Lambo your favorite character from Hitman Reborn?

I am sorry I don't have any other answers for you regarding your avatar. x.x