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animelover1477 watched Romantic Killer
Romantic Killer
  • Web (12 eps)
  • 2022

High schooler Anzu Hoshino has a great life. Every day she plays video games, pigs out on snacks, and pets her beloved cat. But this blissful existence is turned into a confusing mess when a magical...

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animelover1477 is watching RE-MAIN

on episode 6 of 12

  • TV (12 eps)
  • 2021

The anime's story centers on Minato, a boy who stopped playing water polo due to a certain incident in the winter of his third middle school year. He picks the sport back up again with a new team...

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Ranking of Kings
  • TV (23 eps)
  • 2021 - 2022

Bojji, a deaf, powerless prince who cannot even wield a children's sword. As the firstborn son, he strives hard and dreams of becoming the world's greatest king. However, people mutter about him...

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animelover1477 is reading My Royal Awakening

on chapter 86 of 88

My Royal Awakening
  • Ch: 88
  • 2020 - 2022

When your average guy struggling through life in modern day Korea gets “reborn” as a grand prince in the Joseon Dynasty, it seems like a pretty sweet deal, right? Nope, not if...

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animelover1477 is reading The Story of a Low-Rank Soldier...

on chapter 78 of 113+

The Story of a Low-Rank Soldier Becoming a Monarch
  • Ch: 113+
  • 2020 - ?

When I was 15, I lost my right hand on the battlefield. When I was 24, I mastered the skills that were necessary for my survival. But I was always told the same things, over and over: "Just...

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animelover1477 is reading The Male Lead's Adopted Daughter...

on chapter 90 of 265

The Male Lead's Adopted Daughter (Novel)
  • Ch: 265
  • 2020

"Iwill adopt a child." Pelio Borreoti's impulsive decision flipped teh entire duchy upside down. He brought a child, who harbored the darkness just like him, from an orphanage. Not only did...

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animelover1477 is reading The Lady and the Beast

on chapter 40 of 122+

The Lady and the Beast
  • Ch: 122+
  • 2020 - ?

Following a life of bloodshed and heartbreak, the great Empress Martina is reborn as Astina, the genius daughter of a humble count. But her peaceful world is shattered when bankruptcy forces her...

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