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HikaruTenshi Dec 21, 2011

Do itashimashite! ^_^

Hmmm... lemme think... unfortunately, I haven't seen many shows that are similar to Peace Maker Kurogane that aren't under your Won't Watch/Dropped or Watched. ^_^ Maybe after the new year I will watch a couple of the ones that are under the recommendations for it.


Hydrolicious Nov 15, 2011

All of the Gundams within the metaseries share a similar scripting pattern, with a similar focus on battlefield romance, racism, strategic mech battles, etc... But they all do so while maintaining a script that can cater entirely to an older audience. THAT is why I'm upset. As an avid gundam fan, the scripting(dialouge, conversations, the simplistic plot elements, the young protagonists) is entirely unacceptable. They broke free from what made me a fan of the series: They adopted a cliche script that would appeal to younger audiences. If you bothered to follow relevant news back when AGE was only a model set, before the airdate, you would understand that was even the creator's intention... There are quotes somewhere out there. But sadly, they took an unfavorable direction and dropped what made the animes so good - that mature, deep feeling.

These are but my opinions, and by no way am I saying it's a bad anime. I'm only mentioning the fact that for a Gundam metaseries, it's terrible.

STRAWBERRY1002 Oct 17, 2011

Hah, I dont hate Naruto! He irks me as a main character, and I cant stand the anime, but I read and enjoy the manga.

HikaruTenshi Sep 19, 2011

Ah, okies. I was just curious. Thanks. ^_^

How have you been doing?

What have you been up to?

Watch anything interesting?



sothis Sep 14, 2011


I can't recall when I saw it, it was awhile ago, and if I remember correctly only the very first episode was subtitled. I remember it not being very good either :/