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BrainBlow Oct 7, 2012

You don't get it.

The two episodes you saw are NOT Gintama. They're just some crappy filler.

Episode? Episode 3 and then onwards, where the story actually begins. The characters in Gintama are introduced one by one rather than just cramming them in in a desperate attempt at introducing them like the fillers did.

I'm not saying you're dumb or anything. The first time I saw Gintama I also dropped it because of those two starter episodes, and only picked it up almost two years later because someone else pointed out the same thing as I am doing now.

I gave it another shot and immediately saw how much better the actual show is than the fillers. The anime then becomes increasingly enjoyable as more and more characters are introduced.

And the comedy and action just gets better and better over time.

BrainBlow Oct 6, 2012

"after watching the first few minutes in the first episode i was like to myself Èwtf is thisÈ a group of kids or teens or whtever were looking for a kitten -.-' and there was not a good sense of comedy lke one piece or fairy tail etc. so i didnt like it . after about 5 minutes i stopped watching it. then my friend spoke so highly of it i decieded to try again this time the second ep. then the first thing they should i think was lke ppl with dog faces nd i was wtf again . soo i felt it was weak and stupid and not a  good kind of stupid. my opion! which is why i dotn fell this anime deserves 9 or 10's cuz its not that good"

I have the pleasure of informing you that the two first episodes of Gintama are FILLER.

So you basically saw NOTHING of the ACTUAL show. Now you know that.

Have a nice day.

tayl100 Apr 7, 2012

Anime is an animated cartoon, whilst Manga is frame by frame comics. Drawing Anime means drawing a moving picture, which, last time I checked, is impossible. I belive you mean drawing Anime characters. Sorry about making a deal out of it, that was kind of a knee jerk thing for me.

tayl100 Apr 5, 2012

If you can draw anime..... That is extremely.... impossible?

HikaruTenshi Dec 21, 2011

Will do. ^_^

Happy Holidays!