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Kiss Him, Not Me

Jan 6, 2019

 Enjoy reading. The moment i found this anime was on facebook, a part from the anime was presented as a preview. Here you see kae watching her favorite anime thats when the main character dies, and she locks herself in her room for several days. After a few days she looks in the mirror and see's she lost a lot of weight.

Eventually i saw 3 episodes forget that i was watching this anime and moved on with my life. Yet after a half year on facebook i saw the same preview, and thought hey ive seen this lets watch it only to remember while watching have i seen this anime before.That aside, I continued watching. And after episode 1 i was already hooked, wat happens further is. You see the main men protagonist's asuma mutsumi hayato shinomiya, nozomu nanashima, and yuusuke igarashi. Wich all ask kae out.

That's about it what i will tell about it's plot. The anime is light hearted. So it will be verry easy to watch it's a kind of series you can relax to and take you'r mind at ease. Then again it's a verry fun anime to watch where there are a lot of moments where i burst into laughter wich doesnt happen to often to me.

The rivalty between the boys and ofcourse later on a girl is very fun to watch. As they all want to capture kae's heart. Since it's a reversed harem category i think boys would not like this anime as much as girls do. But the joke's and comedy make it fun to watch i think for boys. Then yet again there are a few yaoi /bl moments worthy moments in kiss me not him. And kae basically lives of this fuel.

So that would be yet another reason why this would not be everyone cup of tea. But i overral found this anime worth a mention and worth seeing, overral i give this anime a 8/10 i hope i inspired some people to watch this anime if so please let me know. And what you thought of this anime. And please let me know what you think about this review did i cover everything. Did i forget anything. As long as it is constructive critisism i will apriciate it.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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