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So besides the title not making any sense, the story is alright. Sadly, it feels like an episode instead of an actual movie. I felt I was watching a couple of anime TV shows. There were about 2 or three stories that were there about how Munsu ends up getting a Sando, a servant, and then ends up going to an Island for the rest of the show. It didn’t stand out next to any other anime show that came out in 2004. It felt lack luster as a movie but as a TV show, it would have done much better.

The storyline was basic to many shows where we have a wonderer who is alone and ends up getting a companion… might I add female companion… who follows him around all the time. Only real difference is that she can actually fight but she doesn’t listen to his every word at times. They never explain if Munsu has something wrong with him and that’s why he has a inhaler or if it’s something to do with the power he bears. There are a lot of open endings that they really should have filled in if this was going to be its own movie.

The animation has a slightly interesting mix of CG and animation. It isn’t that it doesn’t fit right; it just is a bit easy to see that this is CG and this is not. There are still images mixed with the CG that just looks a little off in the beginning. As the show goes on, the only real thing that shows up CG is the dark soldiers he summons. Half the time, the background would look very detailed and the only time when it doesn’t fit with the characters is when they are in the desert because the color of the characters really threw me off. There is a headband that Munsu wears is actually supposed to be left on a cross but he wears it throughout the whole show.

The voices and music are what I would expect for the time it was made. There is nothing that seriously stands out for the voices although I do sort of like Munsu’s more then any other. Other then that, not much else.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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