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Battle Angel Alita

Aug 6, 2013

Ok, who is the person that decided to give her a name like ‘Gally’? Someone really didn’t have any idea how to create a name. Gally isn’t like a normal girl, she just laughs when someone says she weighs a ton. It’s interesting how she is extremely strong and yet the only thing that was found was her head and part of her chest. She also seems to sweat which I really don’t think that cyborgs need to do so. There are a lot of inconsistencies that make this feel a bit off.

Ido is a freaken jurk. Pretty much when Gally asks to be a Bounty Hunter, he tells her that all she needs to do is stand there and look pretty. It seems that all he really wants her to be is just eye candy at his medical business. And then, he just accepts her as a bounty hunter without any question.

The artwork is vintage and actually rather good though I’m not sure about the design of a couple of the characters. There is one rather large squashed man who I can’t see the eyes of. His face is extremely wrinkled and hard to make out. Backgrounds are a bit Ido has a really odd flat head and looks pretty much like Vash from Trigun. Seriously, you look at him and then you look at Vash and they seem similar. Mouths barely open when people talk and sometimes you don’t see their mouths at all.

Well, the voices are alright in English, but sadly, this seems rather old. Some don’t seem to be even trying. Gally sounds rather off when she tries to laugh, almost forced and Yugo sounds way to hyper for points that he really should be rather gentle on. When the characters shout, all it sounds like is someone reading lines as they shout. The whole argument between them is full of inconsistent highs and lows. The fight scenes are just screams and shouts with no real reason. Gally is rather vocal were every little jump that she does, she has to say something. A lot of characters, Chiren the worst, sound like they are laughing when they are crying.

5/10 story
6/10 animation
3/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall

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