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I really loved previous seasons, both original and railgun spin-offs. And saying so, this is not what I expected from this anime.

!!!There might be minor spoilers in the review!!!

What has gone wrong?

It's been about five years since the previous season and after watching the beginning of the newest one, I caught myself thinking that there are lots of things I don't remember. And as it may be true, the problem lays within the anime itself. For about the first half of this season I couldn't comprehend much. And only then I started to understand characters' motives and the general plot. 

There are several problems which bother this series' season:

  • Multiple plot threads at once - you can't really understand much at the very beginning, when you are introduced with several fractions (Aztecs, Academy City groups, different religion branches) fighting eachother, with every one of them having their own unclear goal to achieve.
  • The escalation problem - while previous season took place mainly in the Academy City, this one is constantly shifting characters between countries, taking the conflict to an international level. And also there's more magic than science, which I personally didn't like.
  • It's anticlimactic - as I mentioned earlier, this season takes place everywhere but the Academy City. And even if there's something to happen in the city, there is a strong focus on travelling through France, Britain and Russia. I really enjoyed the futuristic high-tech experience that I wasn't given now.

What is good?

After you've watched half of this season, the plot becomes clearer and it is actually starting to make sense. You slowly regain that watching experience you were used to in the previous seasons. The ending is actually quite satisfying, maybe not the best, but still.


As bad as this season might seem at first, I highly recommend watching it just to pass through several episodes and start enjoying it. There is also a high implication that there will be the next season that I'm willing to watch. I hope it to be back on tracks.

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6/10 overall
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