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yaoi/bl manwhas <3

the stories i enjoyed, and that are spicy (however a TW for s/a).
1 @puppy_love


Short story, quite sexual not much story behind it besides exploring different sexual interests and wanting to please.



I love the little love triangle and seeing them slowly fall in love. I want Mr Han to disappear.

3 ANTI P.T. - Specials

ANTI P.T. - Specials

Just amazing to read, lovely little touch to the original.

4 A Physical Education

A Physical Education

i acc enjoyed reading about how the characters developed through the story, revenge is sweet ig. i just wish he finished it properly :(

5 Bitten by Moonlight

Bitten by Moonlight

very short, not much story.

6 BJ Alex

BJ Alex

quite an abusive relationship, but I have no issues with that, and it's mainly just sex scenes with are spicy.

7 Business Performance

Business Performance


8 Checkmate


I like the story behind this, and the obsessive manner is nice to read. 

9 Circle Trap

Circle Trap

Has an interesting story and the characters love for each other is adorable.

10 Dirty ♥ Vibration

Dirty ♥ Vibration

Poor man in denial and kept getting the wrong idea, but i love these two and no forced sex!

11 Killing Stalking

Killing Stalking

Story sort of fucks with your head a little and leaves you wondering, what was it all?

12 Lord Wolf, His Lust

Lord Wolf, His Lust

Oh I really like the whole story with this, seeing different 'kingdoms' and stuff play a part, it was interesting to read and I liked the twist near the end.

13 Low Tide in Twilight

Low Tide in Twilight

Basically someone who wants to help but also just wants sex

14 Mad Place

Mad Place

Overall amazing littler series, the art, the story, you need to just read it.

15 Make Me Bark

Make Me Bark

A nice change from the usual forceful sex, even the side couple was worth reading about so I enjoyed it.

16 Make Me Sweat

Make Me Sweat

it was an interesting beginning.. to say the least. the couple end up being so cute tho

17 Mania


so cute, nearly amde me cry, quite explicit 

18 My Purrfect Boss!

My Purrfect Boss!


19 Pearl Boy

Pearl Boy

Uhm interesting, but it doesnt explain how? 

20 Pleasure Principle

Pleasure Principle

hot fucking dude

21 Shutline


I enjoy reading about gangs so this is cool, one ruthless character who becomes obsessive and another who refuses to believe what's happening.

22 Sweet As Hell

Sweet As Hell

I wouldn't say it's the power of friendship but these two do have a complicated and interesting relationship and seeing how they decide to face it is nice to read.

23 The Good Teacher

The Good Teacher

Somewhat interesting to see how to characters end up there and if one will reveal their secret, many many sex scenes but I'm not complaining.

24 The Good Teacher - Specials

The Good Teacher - Specials

Spicy chapters to add to the original ;)

25 The New Recruit

The New Recruit

Can's say much to spoil but you can't help but just want these characters to get together sooner, their love has you at the edge of your seat.

26 The Pawn's Revenge

The Pawn's Revenge

Somewhat like Killing Stalking but also different, the characters have interesting back stories, and seeing them care for one another is cute.

27 Third Ending

Third Ending

I love this love story, finally comes to the realization and spirals into an adorable little love life.

28 Tiger Lily (Nire)

Tiger Lily (Nire)

Oh my, this has been the only one to make me cry, became so attached to the characters together and their love. I love love love.

29 Uncomfortable Roommates

Uncomfortable Roommates

Very short but their story of finally being comfortable is cute :D

30 Who's Your Daddy?

Who's Your Daddy?

I enjoyed reading how lost one of the characters is and how he's all wrapped around the other finger. Quite a lot of s/a though so be weary.


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