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We make a schedule so, the schedule is not only in schoolchildren. For the sake of creating the right pace of life, the schedule is all interested in obtaining a maximum of its time. In the first place, you need to determine the place in which the schedule will be conducted redirected here. There are dozens of planning applications, you can choose the most attractive interface plan. Arrive and an ordinary calendar in a smartphone. Popular planning tools are Google Calendar and Wunderlist. Paper organizers are well coped. The only minus - you will not be able to receive messages about future events. So, we open an empty schedule a day. On hours, we paint everything that is in a professionally compiled to-do list. Main things - in the first place. Formulating them laconically to easily perceived. It is necessary to take into account the unusual details. For example, the duration of travel. Objectively evaluate the time spent on tasks. Losing a list of affairs and coping a plan of the day, you will reveal a huge amount of gaps - a free time in which nothing happens. Most likely, it's forgotten daily affairs. Walking with a dog, reading articles on uway, taking a soul, lunch and watching the series - all of this requires time and should be placed in a schedule. A bit of work, somewhat suddenly popups in the heads, for which it is necessary to move schedule and Voila! The ideal plan for a day is compiled.

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