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20f Apr 9, 2021

Thanks for the follow I followed you back😊

I watched Charlotte on Netflix, but you can also watch it on

I would recommend watching the regular tv series 

I hope I helped you😊 enjoy watching charlotte and Anohana!!

have a nice day/night!!

Tohru Honda 2019 Gif

brekii Apr 8, 2021


hmm hard to choose

i have so many favourites

but my tops are :

Given, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen

Starletka Apr 7, 2021

Hiya. To answer your question on my profile - yes, I would definitely recommend Beastars. I really enjoyed the layered characters and relationships, but the anime deals with a lot of mature topics and it's overall very adult themed (for a high school setting), so one should be aware of that before one dives in.

Feinraf Apr 7, 2021

It doesn't exist anymore sadly, sorry!

XxGalaxyGirlxX Apr 4, 2021

ok so let me start with the promised. First I will say season 1 was way better then season 2.

Ok. Now that's settled, lets begin with the story.

my thoughts on the story/plot... 

usually I don't like horror animes but The Promised Neverland is a fantastic anime with a gripping plot, likeable characters, a terrifying villain, great animation, a cleverly used OST and the best opening this season. I'm glad The Promised Neverland turned out as good as it did. Horror anime is something difficult to get right. Now I will explain the story...

 An orphanage run by the lovely caretaker of the house Isabella, aka "Mama." The children of the house enjoy there time here. They are well fed, educated well and have fun free time playing tag. They can have this luxury by obeying two simple rules. Not to go over the fence and not to go past the gate in front of the house. Of course, the children will get adopted and will have to say goodbye to their friends. Three of the children, Emma, Norman and Ray are the brightest and eldest of the children, and they, along with the others, enjoy their time at the orphanage. However on one day. One of the children, Connie, is adopted but has forgotten her beloved rabbit teddy. So Emma and Norman decide to give it to her before she leaves. They go past the gate to deliver the bunny, only to realise that Connie is dead and in fact the children of the orphanage are livestock to Daemons and Mama is involved with it. Knowing this truth, Emma, Norman and Ray must plan to escape the orphanage with everyone before they are all lambs to the slaughter.

What makes this show scary is the fact that we have an innate motive to make sure children are safe, for they do not know the dangers of the real world. So when the children find out the truth, you fear for them. You fear for their lives for they are innocent and didn't deserve this fate. You want to see them safe and you constantly hold your breath to see if they are okay. You want them to live. By showing us their fate, you know the dangers that they are in. The show however, does leave mysteries for us to think about and find out later on; giving us something to look forward to and something to fear as we uncover the truth as to why these events are happening and why security is almost non-existent. While not every question is answered, some of them are answered and we are left to theorise about the others.

Now this show really does like to build things up, build to this great escape plan to get everyone out of the orphanage and it does build things very well. The suspense in this show is enough to drive anyone mad with the eagerness to find out what happens next. That is mainly because the pacing and knowing what and when to reveal things is very well executed in order to keep you on your toes. Knowing when it is a right time to scare you, make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy and knowing when to give you relief. It toys with your emotions to keep you on edge. But if it keeps building up, then it needs a payoff, otherwise what is the point? While it does cut it a bit close, it does pay off in the final episodes of this season.

(The summary was made by a friend, I just posted it because I agree with her 100% and she explains it better then me.)