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This is a very well thought out anime.  I appreciate the depth of the storyline, the topics covered, and the character development throughout this anime.  Many topics that are discussed are well thought out to consider both sides and the possible reasons for the actions of characters in this anime.  I am impressed with how much effective dialog they are able to put into almost every episode of this anime as well as how much action they bring into most episodes.  The relationships in this anime are also interesting and in some cases unique which brings more color to this anime.  Most anime is pretty simple and straight forward which is fine, but I greatly enjoy the many topics and the depth they are able to bring to these topics in this anime.  They cover class, family, relationships, self worth, government overreach, school schisms, and many other topics.  Even the acts of terrorism they take a look at why it might occur and for what reasons.  I like that they explain why the MC and his sister are they way they are and what happened to cause it which brings even more depth into the storyline.  The world creation in this anime is also excellent, they spend a lot of time telling you why the system was put into place as well as to follow ups to expand on it and make it even detailed.  The voice acting is excellent in this anime, and they really picked the best voice actors/actresses for the characters that bring out the personalities in expressive ways.  This has always been a top tier anime since its release.  If you want to understand in more depth this anime and why the characters are the way they are, keep watching it till the end.  I am looking forward to further seasons of this anime, and I hope each of you enjoy this anime as well.  

10/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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