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Anime... the word was first introduce to me when I was 16... But then I figured out that I had been watching anime since I was 7 and didn't know! How could I've not known? Well, just didn't think about it and when I first started having internet at age 16, anime opened up to a whole new world to me.

So I became a loner on my own terms. With depression and stuff happening in the real world, I turn to anime. Even books took me away for I enjoyed reading just as much I did with anime.

I had always been interested with Asia culture since I was 12. Being introduced to Chinese culture first, then Japanese, then other parts of Asia slowly came to me making me want to go there and stay there forever.

I am also a gamer since I got into Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. <3

As for my name, Alasta? Well, I use to write stories a lot. And I am currently in progess with a story that I got inspired from watching Log Horizon and Sword Art Online. :o

So get to know me. And yes, watch me make my list grow (Because I have a list with me right now)

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JapanFreak Nov 10, 2015

Hi nice to meet you!

Sianeka Jan 28, 2015

Hello!! I hope you have been enjoying your time on a-p!!  ^_^

(I think most of us anime fans were watching anime before we realized it was anime! *grin*)

KonaIzumi Dec 22, 2014

I created a list of all the animes I wanna watch in 2015 :3 In case you wanna check it ^.^

KonaIzumi Dec 22, 2014

Rather than being excited to know what animes will come out in 2015, I'll excited to start watching them! (o^^o). There's a list with all the animes coming out in 2015 :3

KonaIzumi Dec 21, 2014

I was about to read the light novels before the second season started, but then I gave up and waited for the second season to start (^^u) xDD. I've to much anime that I want to see, so I don't know if I'll ever read it @,@