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In my free time when I'm not fighting for Khorne, stealing gene-seed, looting Imperium worlds while spilling as much blood as possible and fighing other Chaos forces that don't rever Khorne, I enjoy reading comedy mangas which may contain anything else as long as it's interesting. Actually, doesn't even need to be a comedy, as long as I don't need to get my power suit on, bolt pistol in one and chainaxe in another hand and get out to fulfil a blood quota because of boring read.

Before joining World Eaters and Khorne Berzerkers, I was student of Computer Engineering which spent most of his time playing games (Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40k Dawn of War, World of Tanks CK2 is love, CK2 is life, takes more time than average human life to learn all the basics), sports (usually running since I found it really enjoyable can't be destroying HRE on the move) or reading manga. A lot of it. Per day.


My favorite anime and manga (just manga) at the moment:

Made lists. Being ultra productive today. Proud as fuck. There should be a pandemic every year at least for a month or two to catch up on every task on to-do list. Up for pandemic-less 2 month break for everyone, sort people to different shifts. Will clean bio eventually, I'm too high on lack of sleep.

I'd write more of them but if I add more, there's no cap on the number of them. You know what, fuck this. I'll just make a list. Eventually. I mean, I still wanna reply to RickGrimes comment which he wrote in 2017. Work/manga/sleep makes for a tightly packed schedule. Thanks, COVID-19, got this removed from my to-do list. Now, all I need to learn is touchtyping and speed reading to catch up with all projects and books I have on the list. Damn university, so many years wasted.

Used to rate (manga only, don't remember how I rate anime, been months since I watched something) simply by pissup rate (c/p-ed my own comment, not gonna write twice):

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For more info about A-P Welcoming Committee, Sianeka is the one who formed it.

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