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i ship zack x ray <3

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Oso66 Jul 28, 2021

as i have seen some comments online zack is sentesed to death and this makes rachel alusinate about zack comin back to fulffil his promes to her (with is killing her) and they both jump out the window and Zack kills Rachel but from what I have read from other people is that she used the knife to break the window and commit suiccide even talking about this is making me emotional and at the very very end of the episode 16 after the words you can see the broken window and blood on it and then the camara points to the floor where there is a knife and shaderred glass trully sad R.I.P Rachel Gardener and Zack (anime verzion)

I really really wish they make a second season or at lesat a fresh season but with a different ending where they live happyly together and ofcorse the rest of the anime is different first anime that has made me emotional man number sopt 1 will take it for ever till I die no matter if other animes come angels of death will still be my favorite anime.

if I die I wish to go to that anime where Rachel and Zach are though I want to go after Rachel like some minutes or so , so that I can change what will happen to both and I shall die happyly.

this anime was so emotional  and sad that suicide came to mind to see if my soul would go to that anime though ofcurse I want the story to continue not like when an anime finishes yah know whi i am there if I cant change some things I will try to change others in order for the story to continue.

I want the power to be imortal and to change from anime to anime as I want though time goes normal in any anime that I have been in and there will be no time future or going back beause whats done is done  

man a truly anime and will be forever my number 1 and if I die mei my soul go there and see Rachel and Zack .

YukinaZero Apr 28, 2021

Oh? Did someone respond to one of my hate comments? I don't make a lot of those. What was this about?