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lindapearl Jul 10, 2015

I won't say Detective Conan is boring. Some of the cases can be interesting.

What genres do you like?

lindapearl Jul 10, 2015

All long animes have fillers. I don't know if you watched it but Detective Conan is basically all fillers. Only a few episodes contribute to the plot all the other episodes is just murder cases after murder cases. I only watch Conan when I'm bored with nothing to do.

lindapearl Jul 10, 2015

I'm more interest in his story plots than his writing style. All the books I read by him I liked.

I wish Skip Beat would have a second season since I want to see the relationship between Ren and Kyoko.

Why do you hate One Piece? I haven't watched it yet but from what I heard it really interesting.  

lindapearl Jul 10, 2015

I also like Rick Riordan's books.

I have watched Skip Beat but haven't read the manga

lindapearl Jul 9, 2015

Did the original ever really show Metalia?

I noticed you redo your bio and added more information on it.