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Himote House

Apr 16, 2019

I actually enjoyed this anime, but I can tell that it really depends on what you expect from it.
Himote House is a full CG, voice actresses talking about random topics comedy anime with no over-arching plot.

We are introduced to the 5-character cast, who also happen to have special powers. Those powers are never mentionned again ouside of a few scenes in the first 3 episodes. The meat of the anime is the comedy derived from the characters pretending, or actually doing silly stuff (and everyone laughs whole-heartedly).

It really feels like some voice actresses were put on a set and given a theme, and then hilarity ensues. It might be similar to some VTuber videos. So the animation really is only there to show their body language, as there is no action happening.

I can't remember the music, that probably means that either there wasn't any, or the music fitted the scenes, which is good for a comedy anime that doesn't rely on exagerration. The opening song is really catchy though.

The characters are maybe generic and cliche (which is, in my opinion, normal), but the voice-acting really brings them to life.

I'd recommend this anime if you're going in knowing that there is no plot, that it isn't word-play, gag, situational or anything comedy. Just silly ideas that are shared between voice actresses characters. I like it because it's just a fun, goofy conversation between friends.

Note about the rating: I conder 5 to be "ok", as in "this anime was ok, nothing exceptional, nothing bad. I feel nothing about it". So I guess I'm rating this one 6 for "It's nice fun, but nothing notable really"

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6/10 overall
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