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Torokeru Kami-kon

May 29, 2019

Not many people write reviews for yaoi manga's on this website, so I thought I'd do it for once.

English is not my first language so sorry if there's something written wrong. Grammar nazi's please be nice to me, I'm just a humble fujoshi trying to give my opinion on something.

 I've read quite a lot of yaoi mangas so I can say that I've seen all the typical yaoi traits. Sometimes a story is just the best you've ever seen, it's new and refresching. Well sory to disapoint you but this story is definetly neither of those things.


it's clear that the mangaka isn't a beginner when it comes to manga's. The drawings are fine, but not amazing or impressing. The art style is the same as every other basic manga which makes it meh. I already hear you saying "of course it's the same it's manga" No my friend your wrong. a good manga has that manga art style but the art style of the mangaka visible. This one does not have a own style. It's boring and plain.


I've read other stories of this mangaka as well and those were really good. The stories were already done a thousand times but those still had a refreshing twist in it. Again this manga doesn't have anything in it that's refreshing or new. It's just your basic uke meets seme and get's flustered when he is near the seme. He struggles when the seme approaches them but already quickly gives up because the touch of the seme on his naked body makes the uke feel weird and lightheaded . FOR F SAKES AT LEAST GIVE A LITTLE FIGHT! I don't need yaoi to be realistic but I at least want to see that relationship drama. That's why I'm reading this, because I love to see them overcome struggles together and live happily ever after. Not this bullshit where they get into a relationship at the speed of light.

I'm not gonna go into the story and talk about what happends because some people don't like spoilers and I don't want those people to come nagging me about spoilers


The characters are pretty basic nothing special about them. The manga has only 5 chapters and there isn't much character development, actuallt there's none of it. The characters are exactly the same from start to end. At some point ther's a possible love rival but that person is already shut down pretty quickly. The love rival doesn't try really hard to get in the way of the protagonist which in real life would be awesome but in a book manga movie or whatever it's anoying as hell. Love rivals are a great way to let your protagonists go through some growth and make them closer, but the mangaka totally missed the goal here, which was quite disappointing. It was over in the blink of an eye and we didn't see much of the love rival.


You can blaim it on the length of the manga. It only had 5 chapters so maybe the story has more potential, but I've seen a lot of manga's that also only had 5 chapters but those were much better than this one. I'm not a big fan of short manga's like this but the ones that do have 5 chapters and still are good are the ones with creativity and those have some original traits in them hat makes them good. From what I have read it is pretty bad, but if it had continued it might have had a chance of being better. witch longer manga's you get to know the characters better and feel more of a connection with the characters. 

I have no idea it this was a helpful review. I just wanted to share my opinion fofr once. Even though I didn't like it, I do think people should read it. Don't decide on reading it or not just because someone else didin't like it. I've read over a thousand manga's, so lately it's hard for me to find a yaoi manga that has something new that I haven't read before. So I definelty recommend you reading it, especially if you're new to yaoi it's a good starter manga cause it doesn't have all that crazy shit that I've seen in other manga's.

(how do you end a review? Do yoy go like, "like and subscire"? How does this work?!)

3/10 story
6/10 art
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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