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Hello, I'm Abby! You can call me my full title if you're incomfortable calling me as such, don't worry :> i don't mind! 

Im just your average person who likes to bake, read manga, and sleep haha 

Here's a simple version of my bio- I read a bunch of manga, known to be bubbly, and adore lots of characters. I give manga + anime recommendations and some facts about me below if you're interested in something like my favorite genres or my love for icecream haha~! 
It's a pleasure to meet you! :> 

Favorite genres- Gag, Seinen, Shounen Ai, (no..well hard core shounen ai, //w// too much for me to handle) Isekai (the good ones not the annoying cliche ones 😓) Phycological, tradegy, comedy!
Genre's i dislike- Ecchi, Mecha, Action, Pandemic, Apocolapse, shoujo (some i rarely like though), Harem, Martial arts, Sci Fi, and most Josei's 


How i got into anime-

As a little kid, my sibling really loved Yu-gi-Oh, Pokemon, Digimon, etc..

YEAH, that type of anime. The one's where you have no idea what's going on, but they're yelling and they have spiky hair so it doesn't matter. 0-0

I didn't like them! I mean, who loved a kid yelling "IT'S TIME TO DUEL!"

Well, now i adore it. I somehow grew less mature...Anyways, after watching too much Yu-gi-oh for my lifetime i ended up loving it! (I went on a yugioh streak around 2 months ago and watched 100 episodes, i think i posted about it a while back. Obviously i didn't learn -_-)

Ghibli Studios also brought my anime addiction, i have alot of their movies now but my favorites are, Howl's Moving Castle, Kiki's Delivery Service, and The Wolf Children. (Make's me cry every time ;u;) (not a furry)

I used to watch a bunch of anime! I don't watch anime much be fair i have ADHD! I can't sit still AT ALL through a show, and i'm trying to watch the weekly dr stone and 1 other and i try to refrain myself from skipping! 

How i started to read Manga-

I started reading manga around January 2020, when i was recommended Solo Leveling from my twin sibling. After pester after pester i sat down and read it, next thing you know i'm hooked. While i've always enjoyed anime this started me into buying lots of figures, posters, and plushes. 

After that, i started reading BL mangas from a friend and worked my way around genres. 

After reading a bunch of manga, my simple-minded brain thought i should keep track of them, for fun you know? 

Okay, i admit i've read a lot of manga, obviously not as many as others, but i do have a knack to read manga for hours a day ._.

First manga i ever read? 

Solo Leveling

First Anime I ever Watched?

I honestly don't know the first, but i definitely started with Ghibli Studios and moved on (kind of) to basic anime's on netflix like Magi, Ouran High Host Club, Vampire Night, etc

First embarassing manga to get caught reading? 

Totally Captivated  0-0

My top 5 favorite animes~

Magi; The kingdom of Magic

Violet Evergarden



The Royal Tutor

My Favorite Mangas- (Couldn't choose 5 of course)

The Royal Tutor 
Battle 5 Seconds After Meeting
The Ones Within (Neko No Hito Genome)
Welcome to Demon School, iruma-kun!
Queen Cecia's Shorts
Ijimeru Aitsu Ga Waruionka; Ijimerareta Boku Ga Waruinoka?
Kondo Was Korosaretakunai Azarashi-San 
From Now On We begin Ethics
Sachi-Iro No one Room (one room fo happiness)
King's Maker
The Savior's Book Cafe In Another Worlds
Record of Ragnarok
The Boxer
Dead mount Death Play
Suicide Boy
Milday just wants to relax
Affectionately (Also called Sweet Caress) 
The Seamstress Girl
Dependency X
A Capable Maid (Though not so much recently)

My favorite figures that i have- 

I have 32 figures, and they range from 10 inches tall to 6 inches tall. My favorites are Rimmuru from I Reincarnated as a Slime, because it was my very first figure, one of my biggest, i got him 2 years ago so the anime wasn't as popular, and i got a really good deal on him since the figure just came out! 

All of my figures- 

Violet Evergarden (Netflix series violet evergarden)
Rimmuru Tempest (Reincarnated as a slime)
Megumi (Konasuba)
Giyuu Tomioka (Demon Slayer; kimestu no yaiba)
Naruto Uzamaki (Naruto)
Aqua (Konasuba)
Pink Mikuu (Strawberry form; Vocaloid)
Tanjiro (Demon Slayer)
Nezuko (Demon Slayer)
Haruka, from this weird spring highschool girl anime that came out
Angel (from angel beats)
Eugeo from SAO (don't judge me ik it's bad 0-0)
LLen from GGO
Senku (Doctor Stone; Stone wars)
Aladdin (Magi; the kingdom of magic)
Koro Sensei (Assassination Classroom)
Emma (The Never Promised Land)
Ray (The Never Promised Land)
Norman (The Never Promised Land)
Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)
Castle in the sky figure
Spirited Away figure 
Howl's moving castle figure
Kiki (Kiki's Delivery Service)
Gigi (Kiki's Delivery Service; yes, actually 2 seperate figures from Kiki; got Gigi years ago)
Totoro (my Neighbor Totoro)
Another totoro
Ciel Phantomhive on his throne (Black Butler)
Sebastion Michealis serving tea (Black Butler)
Small Rengoku Flame Hashira pillar (Kimestu No Yaiba)
Bulbesaur in a perfume bottle (sounds werid ik) (pokemon)

Favorite Characters~


If you see any characters that peak your interest but don't know who they are, i'm always availible, so ask me! :>

my PFP is ren gyokuen idk how to spell it haha but she's from magi and in the photos above and overall one of my favorite female characters! It's mainly the hair haha 

Some Fun Facts About Me: 

I LOVE icecream!

Capricorn! (I'm exactly like one except i dislike Taurus's and of course Libra's and Aquarius's, i really adore Pisces though!) (Sorry for anyone offended)

I'm only 5 feet tall ;-; ....Are we Petite Buddies? 

I actually don't like bread or pasta >0<

Vegetarian; have been since early primary school; basically a vegan except i can't live without cheese >w<

I've been reading manga for more than a year now! <3


I like the color's lavender and yellow!

I re-read Rikudou, Neko no hito Genome, Haikyuu, The Royal Tutor, Battle 5 seconds after meeting and Death Mount Play CONSTANTLY!

I draw 

I stay away from social media because it's never interested me; (ex: insta, tiktok,) but i have youtube and animeaccounts obvi :D

I regret buying an angel beats figure (sorry all fans) because it's a 4/5 for me, and i wanted to buy another figure but couldn't '-'

Btw, you must be thinking, 'wow, this girl has a crush on levi?' No. Well, i mean, maybe, who doesn't? Hange Zoe is my favorite character tho! I had to say it! Ok, continue reading my boring opinions if you actually are. If you've made it this far, congratulations btw and tell me if you have maybe? I'll go on my phone just to imput the appluase emoji XD

Mangas i recommend

Magi; The manga-
The manga is long. but worth it. It's a shounen-action combo with cute characters, history, and comedy. Yes, it is actually historical, including mythical people from Asian Tales :), like aladdin and the flying carpet and alibaba and the 100 theives, all popular myths in the east. 

Black Detective-
Very funny. Original. Best characters. Kuroba the main character is a cross of Senku ishigami, Tobio Kageyama, Hiruma, (Eyeshield 21) and Ken kaneki.

Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun- 
I watched 1-2 episodes a week after i played guitar and it was really mellow, semi-forgot about it then i read the manga and it's hilarious. Does it have flaws? Yes. Is it still amazing? Absolutely.  

Welcome to Demon School Iruma-Chan! 
Dont judge me that harshly! My sibling says that i grow less mature, but you know what? This is a great manga and anime! (don't quote me on that, haven't watched thr anime 0-0)

Light and Shadow-
Such a cute one! I really adore this one, it's already done, but the sequl of Edna's child; Golden time Ryuk is ongoing. (that one's not as good but i still enjoy it as well 4/5)

Honey Lemon Soda-
Very cute with lovely art. A re-read definitely. only cons- some-what annoying characters with repeated character growth. 

The royal Tutor-
If you've read some of my comments before or've had conversations with me you'll know i love this manga and anime; The art is gorgeous

Sasaki-Kun Ga Judan Tometa-
A oneshot manga that i recommend, it'll take too long to explain it briefly, so i wrote a review about it on animeplanet, if you're interested then definitely check it out! VERY COOL!

A Destructive God Sits Next to me-
You're probably thinking, another weird, boring, comedy? Abby, stop this. And i agree, but listen, there needs to be at least one Chinibyo manga + anime. Funny, 8/10

Suicide Boy-
Okay, I HAD to add a dark comedy. It's very cute and tbh relatible in a funny way. 

I watched this on a stream of "Save me" "The Uncomfortable Truth" and 

Eyeshield 21-
A funny, feel-good manga that leaves you on your toes! (also an anime)

Sand Storm Slugger-
Very interesting, with a weak to strong character. Nice details and plot, love this manga.

(it's not popular in the states, (so no photos) and only has 1 translated english chapter online, but you can buy it on amazon etc..i recommend!)

How to Fight-
Amazing plot, story, and characters, this weak to strong manga packs a punch! 

Neko No Hito Genome or The Ones Within-
Loveable characters, plot, and a product of Danganronpa inspiration while still being one of a kind. I must admit the anime isn't the best quality, but the manga is a favorite.

Violent yet sincere and beautiful

Battle 5 seconds after meeting-
AMAZING PLOT. THERE'S LOGIC (as much as a manga can have) IN A MANGA FOR ONCE.

Death Mount Play-
Reverse Isekai but better; especially chapter 7 UwU

Okay, i know this manga was cancelled for reasons (author went to jail for some time) but i LOVE this manga and it's a re-re-re-re-read! SO GOOD

Violet Evergarden-
Okay, i know what you're thinking, "Abby you idiot there's no manga, there's just a light novel and anime." I KNoW ThAt. Hear me out. The light novel is amazing, and so is the anime so i implore you to watch it. I know, it's not a manga but it's close enough 'right~!

The Zodiac Wars (junni kaisen)-
Very detailed, unique, semi-gorey, and while it's not classified as horror it has definite vibes. 

The Boxer-
Very cute webtoon's manga that i love to read all the time. (still ongoing with updates weekly but sometimes less)

Dr. Stone-

It's a weekly shounen manga with amazing plot, dragging on lead up, and over all, amazing. It's based on the world being turned to stone and i'm sure you've heard of it. I've read it for a long time now, and watched the anime since it was first released and it's been a favorite. 

Death Note-
A classic, and one you'll never get sick of. Well, i mean, you'll read the first half and read that forever and not continue with the rest because it's mehh XD

(Btw, my brother might check on this, or my friends, so that's why i'm not adding BL, so if you wanna talk abt that chat me!)

Favorite Singers-

Madilyn Bailey

Astrid S



Lady Gaga



Rick Montgomery


Iggy Azalea 

Edd Sheran 


What's interested me right now?

Hmm, i've been reading a lot of the light novels lately, and some detective mangas like Ouroboros, which i'm editing this right now to tell you it's great!

My hair has grown so much and it's the thickest beast you'll ever imagine so i don't know if i should cut it and pretend i wanted a bowl cut or not take my chances XD

Put up a 'fly high' banner that's around 155-160 cm tall (so a little taller than 5 ft)

I bought a PRICEY Killua figure from HunterxHunter and it never came ;-;

Started to play Genshin impatct around 2 months back but i'm stalling haha

Listening to K-Pop a lot more now! (I really like left & right by SEVENTEEN and all BlackPink songs, trying to get into red velvet and other's as well but BP's my favorite <3)


Discord- Cantaloupe#0630

Here's my discord if you want to chat with me! I might have changed my username if you're reading this in a while though, so if it doesn't work, feel free to DM my profile! :>

(Yes, i named my username Cantaloupe. I like it okay!? >w<)


Where i get everything info-

I buy a lot of anime merch from if you're interested 

I get most of my gifs or photos from Pintrest, if you hover over the photo and it doesn't have a link, you can click it and copy/paste it into animeplanet


(Btw, i get most of my gifs or photos from Pintrest, if you hover over the photo and it doesn't have a link, you can click it and copy/paste it into animeplanet)


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OkamiHime95 May 6, 2021

Ah, ok. XD

Same, I never really watched Code Geass all the way either. Usually I only watched parts of an episode while waiting for other anime to come on, back when it was on Toonami. I totally get the 'watch it so I can say I did thing', as I did that with Death Note, but the first episode freaked me about so bad that I haven't watched it since. XD (Tbf, I was young when I first watched it.)

OkamiHime95 May 6, 2021

You're welcome! Thanks for letting me know about Iron-Blooded Orphans! I really want to watch it, but I want to watch the Gundam series chronologically first. (I started the very first Gundam series a long time ago, but had to stall it due to life stuff, and getting into other anime.) Inuyasha is one that I've only seen clips of, but at some point I want to watch the series itself, since it got recommended to me. Code Geass I never really got into for some reason. (Lelouch kinda scared me as a kid, so maybe that's part of it lol. XD *Shrugs* )
I really want to watch Sailor Moon and Lovely Complex! >w< 
I almost forgot about Looking for Magical Doremi! O:
Detective Conan and D. Gray Man are ones on my wtw list too.

Oh no! XD I take it I don't want to know what it's about then? o_o  

OkamiHime95 May 6, 2021

Yes, but I'll say that it'll cause a huge whirlwind full of feels. I think I gave it a 4/5 rating, but if I were to rate it based on just the enjoyment it gave me, I'd give it close to a 20. XD Many people give up on it due to there being frustrating parts, but ya just gotta push on through, cause while it's not 100% perfect imo, it's one of those anime where I'd rec to people to at least watch once in their lives. (Heck, I even got my mom into it! O_O I never expected her to love it, but after showing it to her months ago, it's one of her major FAVORITES!)

Oh, and I also like A-1 Pictures, Production IG, Sunrise, Toei Animation, and TMS Entertainment. Which anime do you like from those studios? :)

OkamiHime95 May 6, 2021

From Kyoto Animation- A Silent Voice, Tsurune, Free, and K-On! 
From Madhouse- One Punch Man, Hellsing Ultimate, Trigun, Beck, Nana, My Love Story, Okko's Inn, Den-noh Coil, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, ACCA.
From Bones- Mob Psycho 100, My Hero Academia, Noragami, Bungou Stray Dogs, Snow White with the Red Hair, Blood Blockade Battlefront, Carol and Tuesday.
From Pierrot- Yona of the Dawn, Bleach, Emma: A Victorian Romance, Black Clover, Naruto & Naruto Shippuden, Polar Bear Cafe, Boruto.

OkamiHime95 May 5, 2021

Oh, no, it was part of the ending. (I won't exactly say what part, but I felt bad for the mom... </3 )

Besides Ghibli, I really like Bones, Pierrot, and Madhouse! :D Also, Kyoto Animation. Wbu?