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Hello, I'm Abby!

If you like shounen, mystery, isekai, sports, historical, comedy, drama, BL, or shoujo, you've come to the right place! Welcome, to my Wonderland. Here you'll find some ideas of what to read/watch, my point of view on certain genres, and some comments i post sometimes all here. 

(If you enjoy thriller, phycological, or others, you'll find my lists worth while.)

On my forum i post comments about mangas and my opinions around once every 2-3 days. If you know i've read something and want to ask my opinion, my profile chat's at the bottom! Edit: My profile chat hasn't been working, where if you message me on it i can't see it and only the notification, so chatting me directly or on my forum are better ways :) 

How i Started to get into anime? Well, as a little kid, my sibling really loved Yu-gi-Oh, Pokemon, Digimon, etc.. I didn't like those however. I hated them! (Well, except one of the characters in digimon and kaiba fromyu-gi-oh but still!) Anyways, after watching too much Yu-gi-oh for my lifetime i ended up loving it! Ghibli Studios also brought my anime addiction, i have alot of their movies now but my favorites are, Howl's Moving Castle, Kiki's Delivery Service, and The Wolf Children. (Make's me cry every time ;u;) (not a furry)

I started reading manga around January 2020, when i was recommended Solo Leveling from my twin sibling. After that, i started reading BL mangas from a friend and worked my way around genres. I enjoy shounen and smart mangas, but i can always enjoy a good isekai! 

After reading a bunch of manga, my simple-minded brain thought i should keep track of them, for fun you know? I made an account here that's that! 

Some Fun Facts About Me:

I LOVE icecream!


I only talk about anime and food. 

Introvert~~~ (MEGA)

I like the color's lavender and yellow!

I re-read Rikudou, Neko no hito Genome, Haikyuu, The Royal Tutor, Battle 5 seconds after meeting and Death Mount Play CONSTANTLY

Mangas i recommend

Magi; The manga

The manga is long. but worth it. It's a shounen-action combo with cute characters, history, and comedy. Yes, it is actually historical, including mythical people from Asian Tales :), like aladdin and the flying carpet and alibaba and the 100 theives, all popular myths in the east. 

-Black Detective-

Very funny. Original. Best characters. Kuroba the main character is a cross of Senku ishigami, Tobio Kageyama, Hiruma, (Eyeshield 21) and Ken kaneki. 

-Light and Shadow-

Such a cute one! I really adore this one, it's already done, but the sequl of Edna's child; Golden time Ryuk is ongoing. (that one's not as good but i still enjoy it as well 4/5)

-Honey Lemon Soda-

Very cute with lovely art. A re-read definitely. only cons- some-what annoying characters with repeated character growth. 

The royal Tutor-

If you've read some of my comments before or've had conversations with me you'll know i love this manga and anime. The best.

art is gorgeous

-Sasaki-Kun Ga Judan Tometa

A oneshot manga that i recommend, it'll take too long to explain it briefly, so i wrote a review about it on animeplanet, if you're interested then definitely check it out! VERY COOL!

Tomodachi Game

This is a favorite of mine, combining mystery, thriller, phycological, and high stakes games all merging off of one thing. One thing that has destroyed characters or transformed them. And that is "friends". A thriller that puzzles you however such excitement is brillant. it is mature.

Eyeshield 21

A funny, feel-good manga that leaves you on your toes! (also an anime)

-Sand Storm Slugger

Very interesting, with a weak to strong character. Nice details and plot, love this manga.

How to Fight
Amazing plot, story, and characters, this weak to strong manga packs a punch! 

Neko No Hito Genome-

Loveable characters, plot, and a product of Danganronpa inspiration while still being one of a kind.


Violent yet beautiful

Battle 5 seconds after meeting

AMAZING PLOT. THERE'S LOGIC (as much as a manga can have) IN A MANGA FOR ONCE.

Death Mount Play-

Reverse Isekai but better; especially chapter 7 UwU

Violet Evergarden (the light novel or anime)

Amazing art, details, and a sincerely respectful work.


Okay, i know this manga was cancelled for reasons (author went to jail for some time) but i LOVE this manga and it's a re-re-re-re-read! SO GOOD

Any Questions? Feel free the ask me! I love recommending mangas or giving feedback aswell! :) Bye now

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YoGirlLeona Feb 22, 2021

Of course! And me too, I'd love some recommendations. ^^

osaka Feb 21, 2021

o damn-

I wasn't expected to be this hour in your country lmao :P xDDD

sorry for disturbing you :<

osaka Feb 21, 2021

In my country now is currently midday haha <3

Thanks! And you too have a wonderful day/night/evening/afternoon! (idk on what hour you are goig to read it :P hahaha)

osaka Feb 20, 2021

I mean- Noragami is fine. Maybe it is not the best of all the time but it is pretty good :P Interesting plot etc. And good characters. But I definitely prefer and enjoyed more the manga version.

And yeah- I really wanted to watch Wonder Egg Priority! it seems to be very thought out anime and have interesting psycholoical plot! And characters are also amazing! <3


osaka Feb 20, 2021

hey hey! Thank you so much for follow! Hope you have a good day/night/evening?! So- which is your favourite manga or anime if I can ask?? :D

Or maybe you have your favourite character??