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Hi! I'm Abby

Favorite genres- Seinen, Shounen Ai, Phycological, Tradegy


How i started anime-

As a little kid, my sibling really loved Yu-gi-Oh, Pokemon, Digimon, etc..

YEAH, that type of anime. The one's where you have no idea what's going on, but they're yelling and they have spiky hair so it doesn't matter. 0-0

I didn't like them! I mean, who loved a kid yelling "IT'S TIME TO DUEL!"

Well, now i adore it. I somehow grew less mature...Anyways, after watching too much Yu-gi-oh for my lifetime i ended up loving it! (I went on a yugioh streak around 2 months ago and watched 100 episodes, i think i posted about it a while back. Obviously i didn't learn -_-)

Ghibli Studios also brought my anime addiction, i have alot of their movies now but my favorites are, Howl's Moving Castle, Kiki's Delivery Service, and The Wolf Children. (Make's me cry every time ;u;) (not a furry)

I used to watch a bunch of anime! I don't watch anime much be fair i have ADHD! I can't sit still AT ALL through a show, and i'm trying to watch the weekly dr stone and 1 other and i try to refrain myself from skipping! 

How i started Manga-

I started reading manga around January 2020, when i was recommended Solo Leveling from my twin sibling. After pester after pester i sat down and read it, next thing you know i'm hooked. While i've always enjoyed anime this started me into buying lots of figures, posters, and plushes. 

After that, i started reading BL mangas from a friend and worked my way around genres. 

After reading a bunch of manga, my simple-minded brain thought i should keep track of them, for fun you know? 

Okay, i admit i've read a lot of manga, obviously not as many as others, but i do have a knack to read manga for hours a day ._.

First manga i ever read? 

Solo Leveling

First Anime I ever Watched?

I honestly don't know the first, but i definitely started with Ghibli Studios and moved on (kind of) to basic anime's on netflix like Magi, Ouran High Host Club, Vampire Night, etc

First embarassing manga to get caught reading? 

Totally Captivated  0-0

My favorite animes~

Magi; The kingdom of Magic

Violet Evergarden


Battle 5 Seconds after meeting

Glass Mask

The Royal Tutor


Dr. Stone

Death Note 


House of Vanitas

My Favorite Mangas- 

The Royal Tutor 
Battle 5 Seconds After Meeting
The Ones Within (Neko No Hito Genome)
Queen Cecia's Shorts
Ijimeru Aitsu Ga Waruionka; Ijimerareta Boku Ga Waruinoka?
Kondo Was Korosaretakunai Azarashi-San 
From Now On We begin Ethics
Sachi-Iro No one Room (one room fo happiness)
King's Maker
The Savior's Book Cafe In Another Worlds
Record of Ragnarok
The Boxer
Dead mount Death Play
Suicide Boy
Affectionately (Also called Sweet Caress) 
The Seamstress Girl
Dependency X
A Capable Maid 
Hitorijime My Hero 
Trillion Game
Yuunagi ni Mae, Boku no Ribbon
Yakedo Shoujo
Our happy hours 
Miss 180 
Jinrou Game 
Hitorijime My Hero
Dr Stone

Favorite Characters~


Mangas i recommend

Magi; The manga-
The manga is long. but worth it. It's a shounen-action combo with cute characters, history, and comedy. Yes, it is actually historical, including mythical people from Asian Tales :), like aladdin and the flying carpet and alibaba and the 100 theives, all popular myths in the east. 

Black Detective-
Very funny. Original. Best characters. Kuroba the main character is a cross of Senku ishigami, Tobio Kageyama, Hiruma, (Eyeshield 21) and Ken kaneki.

Monthly Girl's Nozaki-kun- 
I watched 1-2 episodes a week after i played guitar and it was really mellow, semi-forgot about it then i read the manga and it's hilarious. Does it have flaws? Yes. Is it still amazing? Absolutely.  

Welcome to Demon School Iruma-Chan! 
Great manga, decent anime

Light and Shadow-

Honey Lemon Soda-
Very cute with lovely art. A re-read definitely. only cons- some-what annoying characters with repeated character growth. 

The royal Tutor-
If you've read some of my comments before or've had conversations with me you'll know i love this manga and anime; The art is gorgeous (It finished a couple months ago and I read it while tearing up in a public space,)

Sasaki-Kun Ga Judan Tometa-
A oneshot manga that i recommend, it'll take too long to explain it briefly, so i wrote a review about it on animeplanet, if you're interested then definitely check it out! 

A Destructive God Sits Next to me-
Funny, 8/10

Suicide Boy-
Okay, I HAD to add a dark comedy.

Eyeshield 21-
A funny, feel-good manga that leaves you on your toes! (also an anime)

Sand Storm Slugger-
Very interesting, with a weak to strong character. Nice details and plot, love this manga.

How to Fight-
Amazing plot, story, and characters, this weak to strong manga packs a punch! 

Neko No Hito Genome or The Ones Within-
Loveable characters, plot, and a product of Danganronpa inspiration while still being one of a kind. I must admit the anime isn't the best quality, but the manga is a favorite.

Violent yet sincere and beautiful

Battle 5 seconds after meeting-
AMAZING PLOT. THERE'S LOGIC (as much as a manga can have) IN A MANGA FOR ONCE.

Death Mount Play-
Reverse Isekai but better; especially chapter 7 UwU

Okay, i know this manga was cancelled for reasons (author went to jail for some time) but i LOVE this manga and it's a re-re-re-re-read! SO GOOD

Violet Evergarden-
Okay, i know what you're thinking, "Abby you idiot there's no manga, there's just a light novel and anime." I KNoW ThAt. Hear me out. The light novel is amazing, and so is the anime so i implore you to watch it. I know, it's not a manga but it's close enough 'right~!

The Zodiac Wars (junni kaisen)-
Very detailed, unique, semi-gorey, and while it's not classified as horror it has definite vibes. 

The Boxer-
Very cute webtoon's manga that i love to read all the time. (still ongoing with updates weekly but sometimes less)

Dr. Stone-

It's a weekly shounen manga with amazing plot, dragging on lead up, and over all, amazing. It's based on the world being turned to stone and i'm sure you've heard of it. I've read it for a long time now, and watched the anime since it was first released and it's been a favorite. 

Death Note-
A classic, and one you'll never get sick of. Well, i mean, you'll read the first half and read that forever and not continue with the rest because it's mehh XD

Soloist in A Cage-
A favorite for it's creative realism and overall an original work.

Detective-seinen manga that's honestly a manga I wish to read over and over like it's my first time! Great seinen manga

From Now on we Begin Ethics-
One of my top favorites, the best of the best with it's realism, art, and mood.

A Bride's Story-
A historical romance battling the harsh cultural and experince of growing up

Burning Kabaddi- 
Sports manga and anime, both very well drawn and nice for it's less popular sport coming to life!

A Twin's New Life-
Favorite fantasy manwha and overall novel for a while, with it's cute characters and plot 

Falcon Princess- 
Cute story and always looking for new notifications~ 

Neon Revenge (Or Physco Revenge)- 
SUCH A GREAT WORK, comparing bully problems and spinning it into a comedy everyone can enjoy 

Miss 180-
A cute story about a female model mistaken for a male model 


MANGA's I recommend for beginner enthusiasts


Azure and Claude 

Ijmeru Aitsu Ga Waruinoka

From now on we begin ethics.


Miss 180

Sandstorm Slugger

Soloist in A Cage

The Twin's New Life

Our Happy Hours

The Boxer 

The lady with a mask 

Burning kabaddi

A Bride's Story

My Name Is "Boy A"

I got Reincarnated as a Slime

(All very different, I suggest looking them up on animeplanet first)


What's interested me right now? This is updated frequently side note



Discord- Cantaloupe#0630

Here's my discord if you want to chat with me, met great friends this way!

(Yes, i named my username Cantaloupe. I like it okay!? >w<)


Where i get everything info-

I buy a lot of anime merch from if you're interested however I don't recommend their pillows, their keychains are great and cosplay

I get most of my gifs or photos from Pintrest, if you hover over the photo and it doesn't have a link, you can click it and copy/paste it into animeplanet


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Xairyan Oct 14, 2021

Huh... what's up?? Why did u message with my profile name with a question?? Was it because I took to long to reply again 😩 sorry if it was. Yeah that true, the grass is always greener. 😳....... you're a twin.... Cool, thats something not many people kno what it's like, pretty unique.

I'm only intolerant to spicy food that I kno of, but as long as ur still getting ur vitamins that's good, although its much better from the natural sources, as we actually don't know for sure what they put in to multi vitamins tablets and things.

The film is based on a book series I believe, but they apparently had production issues, so i guess thats why it feels incomplete. Wow I wasn't expecting a indepth response to the whole feeling full thing, thanks for that, it's good advice. I really need to get my diet more in order. Its not easy though especially when cooking is not something iv done much of, plus i haven't really experimented much with food, basically had the same meals consistently throughout my childhood. Thanks again though. 

Xairyan Oct 9, 2021

Hey Abby thanks, I actually started watching it again right before u messaged me to watch it, im annoy that it won't get the good part in the Anime, im sure uv read it but I won't spoil it as u may not have, I got spoiled by a thumbnail after watching Morgiana AMVs 😐 but hey I might still watch it. I pretty sure everyone from a place has a accent 🤔 lol.

It is honestly and it has a unique premise, it is frustrating though in some scenes I can't say which ones but it was good. Lol very. 🤔 I think everyone if they do t have one wants a certain sibling but it's just like having any other sibling really, except they get away with a lot more and tend to get more motherd. Oh I have a older one too so I kno 😔.............. hey I feel..... attacked im also a younger one as well😢

I don't watch movies much but I did watch one the other day, its called 'Chaos Walking' it was pretty alright but they really seemed to miss a lot of important detail, some things are just not explained at all. Wow u literally told me the other week u have been eating a lot of cashews and now u find that out 😭 especially with u choosing the vegan way nuts are a very good source of nutritients, what are u going to do now???

Oh while we are on the subject of diet, if u dont mind me asking, how do you feel full after a meal??? Iv been cutting out/back on unhealthy carbs lately and only eating wholemeal/wheat but I find that I'm not feeling full after meals unlike when I ate the more unhealthy version. 

Xairyan Oct 2, 2021

Hey Abby, it's my turn to apologise, I'm sorry it's been to long since I replied. 😞 I'm such an idiot. Oh so it's from 'Magi' I havent actually watch it yet but I love Morgiana she's so cool, actually the only reason i want to watch it. Ahh going back to the old music... Nice, honestly I haven't been listening to music much at all, i used to search everyday for new songs now i just don't.

I don't know if I already mentioned this, but I watched 'The Duke of Death and His Maid' I really enjoyed it.... although I do have a few complaints the CGI is not good like really not I wish they hadn't used it, but the biggest annoyance came from the dub (disclaimer:I hate dubs except for a few anime I watched as a kid 'Dragon Ball,' Yu-gi-oh' but iv always watched anime in Subs) but after watching I wondered what accents they would use in the dub, being that it's quite clearly set in the Victorian era and even features and old English nursery rhym, so i watch 10sec heard the American accent and clicked away lol. I'm sorry I don't have anything against the American accent (I'm very much used to them through YouTube and films, they always sound so professional unlike a lot of horrible regional accent over here) but it doesn't suite that time period/location setting, 😩 why can't they use more varied accents in anime dubs.

🤔 A cloud or Cloud ( from Final Fantasy) I mean both are cool but one takes more effort than the other. So your reading more literature and not just manga, though I suppose if it's for coursework it can't be helped. No my little brother drinks energy drinks they are really not good for you, they also contain that ingredient. More physical activitie damn u must be super athletic. Hmmm I don't think iv seen that film but hope u enjoyed it. 

Xairyan Sep 22, 2021

What ur pfp from??? It does look cool though. Hey what about something super simple like Morgiana from 'Magi' lol I know u like her so do I she the only reason i was gonna watch it. You can always come up with lyrics later. Oh by the way I listen to those songs u sent a while again here's a quick summary, Conan gray song is very relatable, nice an amv in the mix as well, quite the varied mix there and was not expecting that first song being something u like kinda rock like pretty cool. 

Xairyan Sep 21, 2021

Hey Abby, I'm glad ur feeling better. Ahh I see, so they haven't actually told you directly, it's just u get the feeling. 25 degrees Celsius is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Lol at least u have plenty of ideas and I'm sure it will turn out OK no matter what u dress up as. I hope ur new diet/lifestyle change works out and goes well 😊