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chinesegirl524 Jun 15, 2018

Hey Aaron. I know you probably won't get a notification for this or even see this at all. Maybe not for years, maybe not ever. 

I was doing pretty okay this week ever since our conversation... but tonight was so, so hard. I was invited to so many events with you, and I didn't even tell them that we had broken up yet. It made me imagine just how much fun we could have together again, because I know you'd love to do so much, with and for me.

Today I randomly remembered having an anime-planet account because I was thinking about all the anime I've seen. Then I came onto it only to remember... that I had forced you to make an anime-planet account 8 years ago. And now I can't stop crying. We watched so many new anime together in the past year, too.

I just want you to know... that I miss you so much. Even as just a friend. I wish, more than anything right now, that you could be a part of my life again. 

chinesegirl524 Jul 10, 2010

OH MY GOODNESS i haven't watched any anime since the last time i commented on your profile! a pretty long time :]

yes, i like the new picture. a lot. 

idk if angel beats was created by the same makers or not... but most new anime have really good animation. 

chinesegirl524 Jul 1, 2010

i like your new picture :]

chinesegirl524 Jun 28, 2010

what the HECK did you say...

讲中文时就用中文吧 :]

chinesegirl524 Jun 28, 2010