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Sayali580 Jan 15, 2022

Definitely agree, ShinLena are heart of the series I absolutely love their relationship 

trevisdampier Dec 28, 2021

Ayo, how did chapter 104 of Touch to Unlock treat you?

Not trying to be rude, insensitive, or condescending in any way, shape, or form, just genuinely curious, because I still can't believe it, and I'm just in awe

AFL Aug 21, 2021

Hi there 😊 . Yes sure at first I read it upto chapter 83 for free on this website


Or you can just google the title of the webtoon in Korean and find other websites for raws "내가 사랑하는 초등학생 1화"

There are afew korean websites that offer raws for free but I like NEW TOKI the most since they offer most of webtoons with the latest chapters.

But then for the rest of the chapters I read them on the official naver series page which I had to pay for. You can find them on the link below


For the second link probably you need to download the naver series app on your phone and then make an account and log in first since they need to verify users age( I only use the app not the website so I am not sure). I logged in with my NAVER account so maybe u can also make a naver account first and then log in to naver series website.

If there are any other problems feel free to ask 😉