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yo, i am actually hella chill. So follow me.

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punpuns Apr 12, 2021

shee it depends

sometimes i dont watch anime at all and then the next week i complete one piece or some shit

dont understand how some people manage to watch it consistently

punpuns Apr 11, 2021

u did not just say panoramic.

also no, i havent had covid.. yet.

i got a swab stuck down my throat tho. i choked lol

tho one of  my classmates family members got it like 2 weeks ago which was a bit of a scare tbf

+ we dont need to wear masks cuz we are just built different ig

punpuns Apr 10, 2021

actually what kind of test is it?

cuz some people get a swab down their throats, some get it up their nose

punpuns Apr 9, 2021

gahdamn you have the patience of a monk

wearing masks WHILE playing? doesnt it get hella hot?

and twice a week?? yall giving those swaps the gawk gawk 9000 TWICE a WEEK..

and no, probably not. my attention span is that of a toddler on crack

punpuns Apr 9, 2021

actually im surprised you have practice in the middle of a whole ass pandemic

can you even play practice and/or official games..?