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This remake was amazing!

*SPOILERS WARNING* Nothing huge but a bit.

They went into numerous details that we could easily assumed happened, like Sherry working on the drug tests, but we didn't have proof of. They then opened with re-animated shots from past episodes, specifically the flashback episodes, like the recent ones where it shows Shinichi and Ran first meeting in preschool, or the one where Hattori Heiji and Shinichi are walking circles around each other solving a case at a ski resort in tandom, but never meeting. All the way to Shinichi's First Case and the New York case.

This is great because it really builds up the timeline. Up until now, fans have had to work out the time line for themselves, and though it was always stated at what age each case occured, it's really different to see flashes of episodes you know, and finally seeing them in order.

There are a few lines of the original episode that happen in a different place and time, but the writers were very good about not skipping anything important or even a few of the insignificant details that true fans would be sad to not see happen. 

Technology advanced. We're getting a look at the episode as if it really was only half a year ago. Rather than 20 years of writing. They explain why Ran used the office phone to call Shinichi rather than her cell, and even why Shinichi didn't call anyone with his cell. The writing made it all seem so natural that I could hardly remember that the smart phones never existed when the original episode first came out.

Nothing is taken out. Every event, where people were standing, how character's looked. They're all there. It's just drawn and animated better. I was so thrilled with this.
---They even left in the original theme song! and the bowtie<3 I could not have been more happy with this. 

The ending:
After the whole case happens the last 10 mins are another series of reanimated clips and shots of past cases, this time, it is all the cases from the start of the series. "Beware of Idols" "Festival Fiasco" and the most important "Moonlight Sonata", all the way up to the first episode with Hattori and Shinichi's famous line, "There is no best or worst in deduction, there is only the truth," and his other line, "A detective who backs a suspect into a corner so they commit suicide is no better than a murderer themselves." 

So many important scenes being shown in the order they happened really hit me. I'm so thrilled that they even reanimated some of the season 1-5 episodes. Those were my childhood, and ones that may have been forgotten by the children of japan, but never by the fans. 

20 years and counting. Chapter 1000 here we come! 

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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