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<--- He is Yusaku Matsuda badass actor 1949-1989 (R.I.P)...

Sean, NY (birthplace)

Well what can I say about about myself. I obviously enjoy Anime and Manga.

Look at my list and if you like most of what I like... we may as well become friends.... best friends.. lol... My list: http://www.anime-planet.com/users/Zolag/lists/40835

The type of music I like is alternative rock/metal like Linkin Park, Gorillaz, Evanescence and RATM. And also artist like Imogen Heap, Florence and the Machine and Bjork. I also like old and good modern hip hop.

I also like ambient and space music which is a genre that simulates a certain surrounding/atmosphere.. I can't really explain it, Wikipedia has some info on it if you want to learn more.

I enjoy nature and meditation. I really like nature when it is summer. The grass is greener, the sky is beautiful and it's the best season to have fun. Barbecue, parks and what not.. 

I enjoy sitting on my roof and reading a book or manga. Nature is good for your health and not many people appreciate it. 

My favorite genre is Cyberpunk (The Matrix being my all time favorite movie) (And Deus Ex Human Revolution being my all time favorite video game.)

I just find it really interesting and I'm always curious about our future and technology.

I went for computer science in college but I flunked it, I figured out that I should learn some stuff by myself which I can take my own time on. 

But since you need a degree to get a job, I plan on going back for anthroplogy specifically the Social and Linguistic aspect of it. I'm not that interested in the study of ancient remains.

If that doesn't work out, I'm also going to learn cyber security.

I've been learning Japanese by myself for around 1 year and I would say I am comfortable enough to spend one day in Japan without problems.

I've also taken a keen interest in asian cultures and I like exploring languages. I plan on learning Korean and Mandarin soon and I've been learning French on and off. 


My ratings are based on what I like the most.

5 stars = My Top Anime

4 stars = It's very good and it can easily move to My Top Anime depending on re-watch value.

3 stars = Okay not really captivating

2 stars = Ehhh...ummm... Nah..

1 stars = Lol HELL NO

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yunaleska May 4, 2014

Hi I spoke English but not very fluent, so here I will use a translator, sorry if I say nonsense words.

It is true that I do not like the genre Mecha, although ironically some of my favorite animes are part of this genre such as Code Geass, I value enough history, if it is good I do not mind the genre.

If you find that you have similar tastes to mine, check my scores, and if you see any Anime that I have not seen might interest me, I love you recommendations and would greatly appreciate it.

Finally thanks for visiting my profile, even without sharing the same language, has made me very excited. really thanks ^ ^

Grach May 2, 2014

Ah - was not sure with the kanji, but was fairly certain with the です. Have not been reading or writing in Japanese for quite some time, at least not since my tutoring was in full swing. Or, really, since classes stopped for me. (classes taught in the polite forms, but tutoring moved more into the mechanics/"common" forms).

Need to get into the habit of listening more often, though - anime helps, but not fully..

BrannahMisao Apr 29, 2014

That is actually quite shocking that you haven't watching any of his movies!

I would recomment watching Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, Kiki's Delivery Service, Princess Mononoke and Howl's Moving Castle. I have watched more than that, but they are the ones that stick in my mind. They're his most well known animes, however they will get you into his work and story lines. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! ^_^

YunaAngel Apr 28, 2014

I learned french at school but I can't remember most of it. So I can't really use it.But i also speak Italian

YunaAngel Apr 28, 2014

yeah I actually speaks german. Why?