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I made this account a few years ago to keep track of all the shows I've seen. (The character and people lists are a nice bonus.) I'll watch pretty much anything that catches my eye. While I can be precautious in my viewing, I'm always up for trying new genres or older titles that time seems to have forgotten. I have no plans as of yet for writing recomendations or reviews, that may change in the future. I do read manga, but I'd rather focus more on anime instead.

When I'm not watching anime I enjoy reading, RPG's, and listening to videogame music. I'm also a fan of Touhou Project.

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Zaig Sep 14, 2011

The worst character development in that story was the protagonist’s “completely out of nowhere” feelings for Tenshi - when exactly did he start seeing her as a romantic interest? The story was set up for a dramatic ending, but I only ended up facepalming at the scene; and there’s nothing worse than the audience doing that at a “dramatic” ending. Another severely underdeveloped character was Yuri. Maybe it was from being such a disappointment, but I don’t recall the anime explaining her past which lead up to her appearance in the world. However, Jun Maeda had simply written a single light novel and a 4-Koma manga before the immediate following of the Angel Beats! production. I would speculate he as a writer was pressured for the adaptation with little time to polish the Angel Beats! setting and characters. But I don’t live in Japan, and it’s difficult to find biographical information.

Yes, take for case the witches, familiars, and minions in Madoka Magica; they were crudely drawn, but they were innovative, much like the backgrounds used in Baka to Test, which I enjoyed. The artists used creativity by replacing attractiveness with a more captivating appeal than attractiveness could ever accomplish.

*looks up Panty and Stocking* I‘m gonna say “No” to that. xDI’m unsure if that’s episodic, but it doesn’t look like the sort of randomness I could like.

Zaig Sep 7, 2011

Cute animal mascots have no effect on me - I just like Potato’s weird name. >D If we’re talking about selfless guys, there’s a lot of those in harems/love triangles/romance anime in general. Though, there are very little who have some color beyond their kindness...

I tend not to invest my time in 50+ episode anime for this very reason. And did you mean “too little time,” not “too much time” when you‘re referring to Angel Beats!’s 12 episodes being a problem?  Character designs don’t have an important - or even semi-important - role in my enjoyment of an anime; engaging story and likeable characters are my deciding criteria for its appeal. Speaking of engaging stories, since episodic series don’t build a linear plot and are full of random events, I don’t see those as having an “engaging” story, so I really dislike those types of anime. I just can’t get into them.

Zaig Sep 4, 2011

I’d like to note that besides Yukito and Haruko, there wasn’t a single character in Air I “cared for.” Well, maybe Potato too, if only for his odd name. XD

Clannad spent A LOT of time focusing on the comedy aspect. It turned out to be an amazing attention grabber for every genre lover, and if you’re trying to appeal to a wide-range audience, not specifically drama/romance fans, comedy is the least expensive to animate, best and easiest way to go.

You’re right. Pacing is especially done poorly in 12-episode anime, though that’s practically a given because the creators have to animate and story-tell days, sometimes weeks or months of plot coverage. No matter what the future holds, the source roots - books/novels usually, if not original material - will always be the better of the two, I feel.

Zaig Sep 3, 2011

Looks we have some different opinions here. I felt all of the arcs except for Misuzu weren't good (regardless, Misuzu's was still terrible). IMO, the arcs were way too short and didn't allow enough time to get to know the characters in depth, and thus the characters themselves were undistinguished by their ending stories (I cannnot even remember them); I recall becoming confused over Michiru and how sudden her arc began and finished. Air could of been emotionally stronger if a couple more characters were added, definitely build stronger character arcs, perhaps develop the dad to make us hate him more to feel sadder for Misuzu and Haruko while we're at it, like how it was in the movie, and had double the episode count. Air REALLY disappointed me after watching Clannad and Kanon.

Zaig Sep 1, 2011

How's it going, person I unintentionally forgot about? I noticed you own Air... That's the only Key anime I did not like. I recently purchased Clannad After Story (already owned Clannad).