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There are two types of light novels, the first type is the ones with two lines long titles, which generally suck ass, the other type is the one with moderate titles, which also generally suck.

The Title Dancing with the Dragons for this show is the equivalent of putting boobs on the thumbnail of a youtube video, the author came up with this cool show about dragons and magic, and after the first chapter decided to replace all the dragons with not as cool political conspiracies. For a more accurate describtion, if a different show called "Reciting poetry with the Dragons" existed, it would've most likely been a more entertaining experience than anything this show aspired to be. A more befitting title would be "Boredom without any Dragons", or "How to waste four hours of your precious short life: Shitty Light Novel adaption edition".

Based on a Light novel by the same misleading name, a light novel that it's not only baffling how it got an adaption, but it's also questionable how it got published in the first place. The story revolves around the political strife between the dragon empire and where ever the hellour main characters are supposed to be living, if this sounds mildly interesting to you, I'm sad to inform you that we never see a dragon in a suit yelling about free healthcare system.

The show focuses on two completely uninteresting characters, Gigina, or Gigina Jardi Doruk Meleios Ashley-Bufh for short, and Gayus, who sadly doesn't have a badass name like his friend. Together they fight against everything that threatens their city and their everyday peaceful life, but not before they fight with each other twice an episode for no good reason, and make love with their elf girlfriend or furnature or whatever weird fetishes they have. The show opens up with them giving one of the most mind numbing expositions scenes I've seen in a while, as they explain their jobs and the wolrd's terminologies in detail to each other, as if they're preparing for a history exam. And if you're wondering, no that scene doesn't reflect the dialogue quality throughout the whole series, because it's waay worse.

Trust me when I say, outside of context, this line makes as much sense as it does in context.


The show's setting is admittedly interesting on the surface, it's a high fantasy that has a modern society and technology, in this world humans, elfs, and othe creatures live together in harmony. But don't expect those things to be touched upon, after all the author gave them as much attention as he did with the main characters. So instead we get to enjoy the characters constantly having the same fight all the time, because if it wasn't funny the first time, it sure will be after the 20th one. Right?

In fact the it's SO empty of anything that by the end the show itself was sick of itself was dead serious in trying to kill any chance of any sequel appearing that it LITERALLY killed off the main villain off screen, and made sure to state is clearly as possible that the other one won't be doing any more evil, ever again. Not that I mind that, in fact I'm very happy that the show itself doesn't want it's miserable existence anymore.

Though the show isn't completely without any redeeming quaities, the voice acting is great, and by great I mean amusing. Most of the voice actors almost feel like they're bored to death and sound like they're barely awake while they're reading their lines. Not to mention that the show managed to pull towards it not only Sugita, but also the Tim Curry of the anime industry, freakin' Wakamoto, and I fucking love that guy.

There is no reason to watch the show, unless you plan on watching it ironically, or for Wakamoto, other than that don't touch this thing.

1/10 story
4/10 animation
6/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall

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