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The most amusing of strange anime

1 3D Onara Gorou ga Dance Dance Dance!!

3D Onara Gorou ga Dance Dance Dance!!

This brings out the best from inside a fart.

2 1000say: HANE

1000say: HANE

Look at that face, that's a face you will only see in your worst of nightmares.

3 1980YEN: Takoyaki Story

1980YEN: Takoyaki Story

4 Anon Sentai Ranger 5

Anon Sentai Ranger 5

Power rangers if it were a shitpost.

5 Arakure Junichi no Namida

Arakure Junichi no Namida

6 Burutabu-chan


This is shit.

7 Chicken Papa

Chicken Papa

Chicken Papa, is a bro, a bro that teaches you about how to be a bro to your bros, teaches you manners. be a bro like the bro Chicken Papa.

8 Chicken Ramen CM

Chicken Ramen CM

Nothing like the sight of a demon chicken making ramen to get your day started.

9 Condom Battler Goro

Condom Battler Goro

10 Dappys


11 Denki Groove: UFOholic

Denki Groove: UFOholic

Bojack's other unknown work that he did before Horsin' around.

12 Denwa Kakumei Naisen

Denwa Kakumei Naisen

It's a phone company promo about a superhero who pilots a giant landline phone to fight villainous twitter checkmarks, what's not to love.

13 Fast Week

Fast Week

14 Fruity Samurai

Fruity Samurai

15 Fumiko no Kokuhaku

Fumiko no Kokuhaku

This is just an innocent tale of a girl confessing to the boy she loves, what could possibly go wrong about it?

16 Funny Pets

Funny Pets

17 Fushouji no Mizen Boushi: Saihatsu Boushi Series

Fushouji no Mizen Boushi: Saihatsu Boushi Series

It's funny when you have to make PSAs to tell your employees to not take upskirt pics of school girls.

18 Gokiburi Taisou

Gokiburi Taisou

Japan continues to produce art that answers a lot of my questions concerning existentialism, and our purpose of life. and seeing a dancing cockroach is why I survived this long.

19 Hamidashi CoroCoro

Hamidashi CoroCoro

20 Hey, President Trap-kun!

Hey, President Trap-kun!

21 In a pig’s eye

In a pig’s eye

22 Kabushikigaisha Aokishouji

Kabushikigaisha Aokishouji

23 Kowasugimasu


24 Meitantei Gordon

Meitantei Gordon

25 Mori no Andou

Mori no Andou

26 Mukidashi no Mitsuko

Mukidashi no Mitsuko

27 Nani no Yaku ni Mo Tatanai Karappona Hanashi

Nani no Yaku ni Mo Tatanai Karappona Hanashi

28 Nara Shika Monogatari

Nara Shika Monogatari

29 Nikuiyo! Galbi-kun: Kemuri ga Me ni Shimiru

Nikuiyo! Galbi-kun: Kemuri ga Me ni Shimiru

30 Ninjas: Soccer

Ninjas: Soccer

'this was definitely inspired by FIFA's graphic glitches' -Nicknames.

31 Nude Batter Tetsuo

Nude Batter Tetsuo

32 Okaasan ni Naisho

Okaasan ni Naisho

33 Onara Gorou

Onara Gorou

A gentle, wise, and smelly fart brings us insight and meaning to many of life's problems.

34 Oshiri Mae Man

Oshiri Mae Man

Oshiri Mae Man is the hero everyone needs, he's the one you call when you're in need, he will butt tackle the evil of this world and save the day.

35 OSTER project: Gan Gan Ganba Link!!

OSTER project: Gan Gan Ganba Link!!

I learned a lot from this, for I had no idea that a dick can be used like this.

36 Popee the Performer

Popee the Performer

37 Ryuoo Ski Park CM

Ryuoo Ski Park CM

38 Salmon-chan


I did not know that a suicidal salmon girl was what I was lacking in my life.

39 Samurai Noodles: The Originator

Samurai Noodles: The Originator

40 SAY! Cho-oh Rap

SAY! Cho-oh Rap

41 Schick x Evangelion

Schick x Evangelion

If you thought Anno's version of EVA is an absolute masterpiece,you clearly haven't seen this one yet.

42 Shigeo wa Handsome

Shigeo wa Handsome

43 Shirome-chan no Uta

Shirome-chan no Uta

This is less on the 'amusing' side, more on the 'frightening' side.

44 Shitcom


In the vast sea of shitty anime, shitcom appears and gives a new meaning to what is a shitty anime, figuratively speaking, and literally.

45 Sugio: Mori de Koi wo Shite

Sugio: Mori de Koi wo Shite

46 the FLY BanD!

the FLY BanD!

It's the Bug's life sequel that nobody ever thought they needed in their life.

47 The Lost Breakfast

The Lost Breakfast

48 The TV Show

The TV Show

49 The Wash Bird of the Wash Island

The Wash Bird of the Wash Island

50 Tsubuyaki-tai



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Shikiya Sep 29, 2019

This is too beautiful to bear any longer. Anime was a mistake after all.

Please kill me.

ThiccMight Sep 14, 2018

Yo! Daitouryou Trap-kun! Should be on here.

Zed Jul 6, 2018

Not anymore.

GlennMagusHarvey Jun 29, 2018

You're missing The Wash Bird of Wash Island.