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I'm a volunteer Anime moderator here on AP, for I have a little too much time to spare.

My discord: Zed60K#2633

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soph1e Oct 19, 2020

why the FUCKKKK would you dislike Noelle what the FUCK is wrong with you. Delete your account virgin fag

parasolprincess Jun 13, 2020

Yo, I wouldn't have even guessed English isn't your first language, its really good! When I replied I also didn't realize you were a mod until I went to the forums. 

I wanted to say that I looked through some of your public lists and they are very interesting! Some of the anime in your worst anime list I had been wondering about (Heaven's Memo Pad, B: The Beginning) and since I agreed with the other anime that I had seen on the list I probably won't end up checking them out.

I also really appreciate when someone doesn't rate everything they like a 10/10 and everything they dislike a 1/10, it kinda proves they put no thought into it. I rarely see profiles with such reasonable rating ratios so I was pretty excited. You seem like a very smart person. I was afraid you would answer my comment in a rude way because I disagreed with you a bit but you were so kind and reasonable.

It looks like you already talk with a lot of people on here but if you're interested in messaging me sometime that might be fun. Idk if you use Line but if you do I can give you my ID.

soreyaselia Feb 19, 2020

Nice profile pic! I love Great Teacher Onizuka.

Shikiya Jul 31, 2019

Thanks Zed! How did you know?!

Well, I'm... still alive.

But I hope we will both have a bright road ahead.

Forum, I will try to get back into... sometime...

Shikiya May 1, 2019

Indeed it is.

Thanks for introducing me to it.

It's my favorite show now I think.