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Lets be honest, people don't care about this part. It's all the same anyway. I'm not a celebrity so I'm just another insect roaming the earth. 

Try and watch this without getting goosebumps!

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matrixen Aug 19, 2021

regarding your comment on, I fully agree, couldn't have said it better myself

also your bio made me laugh, we rlly are just insects roaming the earth tbh

candydr0ps Mar 18, 2019


sorry i just got around to replying like a month later i meant to do so wayyy earlier but life happened so kvfjdnsdfg

tbh i don't even remember what u said that could've been taken as rude like. i don't even think i recall feeling as if anyone here has said anything remotely hostile to me so ur probably good.

and no it's totally fine, i don't mind the ranting! i was also going through some stuff a few years prior so i can understand the issue of externalizing ur problems and then moving on from, it's no big deal! :)

i've actually been slowly drifting away from this site w/o being fully aware until i realized i only really use it to update any series i watch (which aren't really much), tho i do come here once in a while. but we can def talk for sure! i'm usually pretty open with anyone willing to chat with me lmao

ksensei Aug 15, 2018

Hi Zangetsu92

So... I am updating my anime list of all the ones I already watched, and I rated Orange and I had mixed feelings about it and so I decided to take a look at the reviews on AP. 
Once I read the first review that appears there Raregold and I didn't quite get what the rage was about, so I thought I'm gonna take a look at their profile... and I saw your reply on their profile and I must tell you, it's been a while i didn't laugh that much ! THANK YOU... for being my hero of the hour! I'm gonna follow you :P


candydr0ps Apr 19, 2018

o shit how'd u know

Mookashea Apr 14, 2018

About the comment you left on Shikiya's profile~