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Just an ordinary, random guy of distant Belgian/German descent who is an EE student in Midwest US.

1) Likes anime, manga, gaming, cats, guinea pigs, Earth Defense Force 2017, Global Defense Force, biking, Food Club-brand Cheesy Spirals, all things computer-enthusiast-related, programming, concert band, J-Pop/Rock, adventures, science fiction, Piggly Wiggly meaty sandwich spread, hats, music composing, recreational writing, FN-P90 submachine guns, fishing, realistic pilotable mechs, slinkies, not speaking in class, rechargable batteries, Storheim's icecream cones, people who use proper grammar/spelling and complete sentences in forum posts and instant messangers, girls, and everything else that I forgot to mention here.

2) Especially likes shoujo anime, Touhou Project series of PC topdown scrolling shooters by ZUN (especially Imperishable Night), Air TV, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, Intelligent Qube, Star Ocean III: Till the End of Time, Nintendo DS, Fullmetal Panic! series, short amusement park lines, Kyoto Animation, advances in medicine, crazy schemes, Japan, Creme de Menthe, toasters, and a girl from my high school who is totally out of my league.

3) Dislikes cantelloupe, Le Croix sparkling water, stupid names given to colors by the fashion industry, bad insulation in buildings, Dell Laptops, crossover fanfiction, self-insertion fanfiction, most other fanfiction, Sega Genesis, hypodermic needles, Nokia NGage, mail-in rebates, dog vomit, vomit in general, ticks, kissing bugs, every illness I have ever had, my high school's band program after my freshman year, Pocket Monster-genre anime, red Grand Ams, rising gasoline prices, Snood, people who abbreviate short words, poisonous kelp, Strongbad, tollways, grass tea, rabid chainsaw-weilding squirrels, Nevada, Quacker Factory brand, electrical problems in cars, my own mortality, Mello Yello, Precious Moments porcelin figurines, 18-moler sulfuric acid, rap "music", and (of course) every fake reason Microsoft has ever given for people to have their copy of Windows XP undergo Genuine Windows Validation.

4) The word: Sner

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Niehaus Jan 19, 2008

For serious, Air?  Nani's got in her watching list.  You're a sick freak.

billybob300c Oct 1, 2007

Hey, I'm gonna be an EE too.  That's cool.  We share two things in common.  This and anime.  =)

sothis Sep 29, 2007

And just where have you been, mister! :D

MonkeyZerg Sep 2, 2007

Oi, Zake, where'd you get your avatar pic from? Also, good top 5. I have yet to see Air.

I really enjoyed reading your likes and dislikes :P

My rabid chainsaw weilding squirrel went to discipline school, you'll be glad to know. (But maybe not the bit about killing all the other rabid chainsaw weilding rodents. We don't speak much about that annymore)

OneiChan Aug 22, 2007

I wouldn't say at all that I am expecting a bad ending, I just really hope its not. I really enjoyed Hime and Otome. Lots and lots of people who loved Hime really hate Otome and I am not one to understand why o_o I honestly thought it was almost just as good.