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PharuanUndearth Mar 31, 2016

Pocudan is mislabeled it should be Bokuden my Screen shot of it( and englsih voice actor is Bill JENKINS. Again more info i checked it all out as well,

PharuanUndearth Mar 23, 2016

yeah i know you want SS just wanted to back up the information most wikis usually ask for imdb links for Voice actors.

thor123 Mar 23, 2016

man, good thing you didn't take that out of context :p

PharuanUndearth Mar 23, 2016

Thanks for the response bro, i won't bug you much, really, only when there's something i notice either when i'm floating around here filling out my love/hate list(usually during an episode they appear) or after im done it's current season. An example would be(and i said wouldn't bug you much, smh) Medaka from One Piece. I put a comment on her page with some of her information, in case the mods go around with thier almight pens of editing and happen to go by her.