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Oh hey! Formerly a light novel reader here, I never expected that this was here...Oh wait, I did, since I watched it before going to the light novel...

In any case, this is hands-down a very well-established, pleasant, isekai-themed anime which I liked. Like most anime, it did not bore/annoy me.

It is NOT crammed with worthess fan service and ecchi scenes either(like some isekai-themed anime; let's say..."In Another World With My Smartphone" and "How To Not Summon A Demon Lord", etcetera, etcetera). It also has originality where the protagonist isn't some arrogant, conceited or braindead human and, instead, is a kind, generous, nice slime. So, 10/10 for creativity and originality in the story.

Its progression is neither too fast nor too slow. It is gradual but not "snail-pace gradual".

The protagonist has a sudden, unexpected death (like most other isekai MCs) and is reincarnated as a slime, famously recognized in most fantasy stories as one of the weakest monsters. The same goes for the anime itself where slimes are indeed recognized for being weak, powerless creatures that barely pose a threat.

So, why is our MC as strong as he is despite being what he is? This has to do with his intelligence and the existence of Wisdom King Raphael(typically a System, or, in this case, "Unique(Ultimate) Skill", and a know-it-all second brain existing within him).

So, the question is answered, but MC is still constantly underestimated for being what he is -- a slime. I'd like to theorize that the choice of a slime, over a dragon, an elf, the typical human and what other race there is, is the best choice the creators and the author FUSE could have ever taken. Because it highlights the extreme racism existent within the anime, where humans unintelligibly discriminate all monsters(even forming some sort of organization devoted only towards annihilating all monsters). 

But our protagonist is seen working towards bridging the gap between humans and monsters as he creates a country of monsters. So, the question about his possible destination is answered. Of course, his one true ambition is take care of the children left behind by a fellow Japanese, he being a nice slime.

The world-building and his journey towards bridging this gap, however, is the true essence of the story.

Of course, the protagonist also becomes overpowered in the process. I mean, how can a slime ever lead a nation and threaten hostile individuals into submission without being overpowered???

In this world, however, the protagonist is not the strongest. spoilers for now. Back to the review!

The animation and sound were good and I had zero problems with them. It was very pleasant in fact, despite the available room for becoming better.

The introduction of characters sometimes felt rushed, but this didn't ruin my experience since they all served their purpose, most being subordinates who pledged their allegiance to Rimuru.

I'm really anticipating the time that this anime reaches the more action-packed chapters of the light novel.

10/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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