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Battle Angel Alita

Jul 1, 2016

I might look too cruel with these low scores especially on story and characters wise but hear me out first. I immediately ran and watched this anime adaptation after the original manga impressed me with a great story but what I found was a huge disappointment.

First, the cons ; On manga version of Alita, Alita is actually called Alita since it is her name and you at least expect that it would be the same on the anime version. Bam nope! Now she is called Gally which is also used in the manga but in a total different way(not gonna spoil it though).Moving on to my second problem with this one; The awesome universe that everything happens in the manga version (including; Cultural references, scientific backgrounds, and most importantly the social hierarchy) are so shrinked in the Anime they are barely there. Last but not least, the characters that live in the aformentioned resized universe are also mostly missing and the important stuff they do in the manga are done by other characters which does not really make sense most of the time because these characters have a much different personality.

A/V is fine, fighting scenes are decent, ending song is great but all these pros mean so little with almost no story and missing characters.

Now, To be fair. I have to say that it only has two episodes(that I am aware of) and of course to expect it to offer everything that the manga offered is absurd but also the fact that it only has two episodes is an absurd one. Haven't the producers read all the manga? Or maybe they started making the anime at the same time with the manga and at some point caught up to it(like the first Full metal) I don't know the details of production and if there is something like a cancelation is involved or not. If so I would gladly back off and say "aahh so this was the case forgive me!" But otherwise this adaptation ditches seventy percent of the original story and does not even represent most of the important characters to the wievers.

Now If you read the manga and are curious about ALITA's fighting in real motion, go ahead and watch it since you know the real story  you might enjoy it. If you have not read the manga but want to still watch it.. I guess you can but really won't make much sense you are better off watching something else imo.Overal it is just a feint ghost of what it could have been (man with such universe and great characters it could have been awesome. ).BUT I TOTALY RECOMMEND THE MANGA!!! 

5/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
3/10 characters
6/10 overall
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